A History of Royal Naval Air Traffic Control

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by Pierre_Argh, Nov 24, 2008.

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  1. With the 100th Anniversary of Maritime Aviation approaching next year (2009)I am currently compiling a history of Royal Naval Air Traffic Control. Whilst, of course, ATC doesn't itself date back to 1909 this seemed an appropriate time to collect memories and recollections from those who have worked onboard aircraft carriers, ships and naval airstations.

    Anyone interested, or who feels they may have something to contribute, is invited to PM me. Thanks

  2. PM Fido, he could help.
  3. My fav shore draft and the only shore draft where I wasn't on a course was working in the Ops Room of the Tower at Culdrose back 2001.
  4. Please contact The FAAOA.
    One or more of their old and bold membership will possibly be able to help.
    www. [email protected]
  5. thanks for the tips guys... nothing I hadn't already thought of, but glad to see someone's lookiking at the thread. Anyone else?
  6. But did FAAOA help?
  7. Fcuk off Norman.
  8. Longbar - I have written to FAAOA - but still waiting an answer (they only publish newsletters twice a year, and then after publishing you'd have to wait for individuals to respond) -

    Which is why I was "hoping" to get some info from RumRation members rather than pointers where to go. (I can Google like the best of them)

    C'mon guys give us your dits... even about the last 10yrs, its still history.
  9. thanks waspie... found the FN100 Calendar (but couldn't see much else).
  10. I'd guess you know this already but the quarterly Naval Review, founded in 1912, contains a wealth of personal reminiscences and articles describing historical milestones. Archived editions are available online as PDF files here. There is no overall index or search facility but each issue contains an index in the first few pages.

    I rather like this extract from a dissertation on Air Power at the beginning of the May issue of Volume I (link):

  11. Thanks, aware of Naval Review, but not that so much of it was available on-line.
  12. Happy New Yr Pierre. Any snippets from the VL Museum and do you still have access to the individual Westland books that contained the dits of the 70s and 80s?

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