A good week for death

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by guestm, Mar 3, 2010.

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  1. First that mincing cock swallower off the house programmes wanks himself to death with a bag on his head, now that long haired, Guzz supporting Communist shitbag Michael Foot has turned his toes up.

    Good things come in threes, who's next?
  2. Disgregarding the irrelevant puff, surely it's got to be Thatchbitch to even things up a bit?
  3. That would certainly bring order to the world I feel, good call. I would have said Mandelson but I wouldn't want the labourites to proclaim him as a martyr and curry sympathy.

    On the lower brow side of life, I would like to see the England team die in a changing room fire prior to tonights Egypt game. Bunch of cunts.
  4. Gary Glitters been alive far too long. Him or Graham Norton they annoy me equally, the former for shagging kids the latter for being such a monumental cnut.
  5. Harsh, but understandable.

    I used to be oh so passionate about it all, but now - may the curse of King Tut be upon them.

    Edit - the English football stuff, not Glitter and Norton.
  6. Mugawbe gets my vote, plus any producers of celebs doing anything on tv type shows.
  7. At least big Rob is down with the kids:


  8. I hope Jordan dies after her t1ts explode, cue public sympathy aks the Goody [email protected]
  9. No, no, no. Jordan needs a long drawn out terminal disease so we can have a nother thread like the Goody one, which was the best thread on any internet forum ever, bar none.

    It also means we can laugh at all the untermensch sobbing into their copies of Heat, take a break and nosy fcuker magazine at the slow deteriation of their hero.
  10. Breast cancer it is. Oh the irony the very things that made her famous will destroy her (well if she gets cervical cancer too).
  11. My vote goes to Jon Venables.

    Now he has been returned to a "proper" prison I hope the cnut gets cut up by some shank wielding psycho, but not before he has been royally ruined in the anal department!!!!.

    Fukcing [email protected]
  12. Oh Yes AC couldn't agree more, twats let him out too soon in the first place
  13. So the grim reaper came for Michael Foot. Only one thing to say "thats one less leftie in the world." :D :D
  14. I wonder who's bagged his donkeyjacket?
  15. I wonder if our little communist Bob the Cock will hold a wake??
  16. A random unknown child hasn't been stamped to death on a shitty estate for a few months; although terrible fathers all over the country seem to be lining up to murder their whole families.
  17. I wonder if our little communist Bob the Cock will hold a wake??[/quote]

    Lets hope so maybe we could bury them side by side. You may say communist Bob the Cock is still alive I will just go and get my sharpened spade. :D :D
  18. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Finks?????????????? :wink:
  19. Cnut,your talking about the woman I love... :roll:
  20. .....The man who thought that the "Rig of day - DJs" meant Donkey Jackets. :roll:

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