A good time to join boats?

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by BrummieJack, Mar 12, 2016.

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  1. Hi, new to the site and i am currently considering applying ( not sure which branch)

    Been reading alot of posts on here and also read a fair few books etc on life in the submarine service. Not sure why but its something that appeals.

    I was wondering why theres such negativity around the service at the moment? Theres all these new A boats on the way, pay sounds decent aswell.

    Am i mad for thinking it would be a good time to join?
  2. Serving on a submarine(boat) is very different to that on a General Surface. The modern boat's ability to remain dived for extended periods of time is exploited so as to draw the most out of their value. The Trident boats go to sea for 3 months at a time but have two crews so following your patrol you have three months(approx.) to catch up with leave and courses etc. This routine is at least predictable and suits some but others find it mind numbingly boring.
    The fleet boats have no such routine and can find themselves literally all over the world or called at short notice to the latest hotspot. The demands on the fleet boats is such that there is more to do than boats to do it. So long periods at sea with few visits makes jack a dull boy.
    There are also tensions when people are cooped up for extended periods so a submariner's life is not for everyone. By all means press ahead with your enquiries as modern boats are fascinating vessels and the satisfaction of being qualified to be a member of the crew of one is not to be under estimated.
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  3. All work and no play is sometimes quoted as a down side. Being a submariner is a lot tougher than you could ever imagine and not for every one, but a well worth while job, I enjoyed my time, be prepared to be separated from home without day light for long stretches of time, you will become a member of a tightly knit team who rely on each other for survival.
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  4. I realise its a long time and you get on etc, there must be times however that someone on the boat is simply a nob (hopefully not me) ... how is it dealt with? ... thanks
  5. Well, do you remember the Political Officer in "Hunt for Red October"....
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  6. Normally take the piss
  7. Ahhh so I won't accept tea in the capt cabin lol
  8. For three months? Damn
  9. If the old man asks, it would be rude to say no, also could be career halting?
  10. I guess and I would get a worthers after?

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