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This is a good idea from OZ but I wonder if it isnt something that should be directly funded by government. What happens in the UK?


In partnership with the RSL & Services Clubs Association the Australian Defence Force is pleased to announce the official launch of Operation CARE.
Under Operation CARE, Navy, Army and Air Force personnel who have been wounded in combat operations and repatriated to Australia for further treatment may be entitled to spend up to one week with their immediate family in rest and recuperation, funded by the RSL & Services Clubs Association.

This scheme could not have been possible without the generous support of the RSL & Services Clubs Association and provides recognition from the Veterans Community for the sacrifice made by current serving ADF personnel and their families.

The focus of the scheme is to assist Defence members in the recovery process and to provide their families the opportunity to be a part of that process.

The Australian Defence Force would like to thank the RSL & Services Clubs
Association for their support and initiative in forming Operation CARE and for their ongoing support and compassion for today’s servicemen and women.

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