A good fitness regime to try before training with RM?

Hi, I have an interest in joining the Royal Marines for the adventure and the ambition maybe to be an officer in the Royal Marines. I will think of joining after i finished my A levels and see what i want to do with my life.

However i want to try a good fitness regime to get in the best shape possible. I have played rugby for over 10 years now and once turned down a chance to play for my county. I do run 6miles 4 or 5 times a week.
But i understand this is not enough and i am wondering what a good hard fitness regime would be. Could any of you post a good fitness regime that would make me ready for the RM.

One more question, i broke my leg skiing 2 or 3 years ago, i have a plate in there put in at a French hospital whichis mandatory, will this decrease my chance of joining?



Lantern Swinger
'Fighting Fit' by Adrian Weale has agood fitness program in there specifically tailored to those joining the Royal Marines.

Here on Amazon

Ignore the cheesy title. It's used by a lot of people I know, Booties included, and is all but endorsed on ARRSE.com.


Here is a good training program to do before you do your prmc,
Step: go to google , and the go search for the BUD/S warning order and then pronto you have a good one .
I have been on the program since i fail my prmc and wanted something more hardcore and will boost your dettemanation.Good luck


hey red dragon...
i have the information booklet here that comes with the application form...

dont take this too badly but under ''unsuitable conditions''
''lower limb fractures with metalwork still in place'' is listed

i too have had to postpone joining due to a knee problem which is touch and go whether il be able to join so i know what you might be feeling now.

need any more help post on my thread...
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I can't really help for another month, but I'm a fitness instructor and sports injury therapist ( poor mans physio) let me know if you want a training program, due to my fathers job I'm still in contact with lots of PTI's so can get advice from them