A good day for the Celts

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by finknottle, Mar 1, 2009.

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  1. Scotland beat Italy and Ireland beat England great day for Rugby.
  2. I thought you were gonna tell us the Celtic brotherhood had gained their full independance. Im gutted they haven't...
    Perhaps Gordon Brown can then fcuk off.
  3. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    And I was thinking it was about the 7 put past St Mirren and Gordon Ramsay being outed as a Rangers walt.
  4. How come I'm not surprised that Fink posted to gloat over England losing to a Celtic country. Didn't have much to say about the Welsh losing to France did you?

    Having watched Neil Oliver's TV series about the history of Scotland it shows that the jocks are living a myth about them being a Celtic nation. They're just as much a mixy-blob lot as the English are. We all started out as Celts on these islands but after subsequent invasions from other peoples of Europe and beyond and the assymilation and interbreeding that followed, there are no true pure bloodline Celts left.

    So it just goes to show that using the term 'Celts' is a way of perpetuating an anti-English attitude north of the border. This is something I have witnessed first hand when living in Scotland. No one would say anything until they heard my accent and then it wouldn't be long before there was an anti-English dig. "Anyone but England" was a phrase I heard on many an occasion. I used to be quite pro-Scotish by my experiences changed all that. I was rooting for Italy on Saturday, despite not believing they would stand a chance. If Scotland were to play a game of Uckers against a team from Mars I'd want the Martians to win. Anyone but Scotland.
  5. I hate to break the bubble, but England gave it to Scotland.

    I know Martin Johnson personally and we were having a beer before the match and he told me that because Scotland is the closest thing to a third world country without actually being one and all the people were paupers and had nothing at all to look forward to in life, that he was going to give it away.
    All the players had bee briefed to be easy with them as he wanted no crying on the pitch.
  6. It seems half of Scotland these days has either Polish or Italian in their ancestry.
  7. Can we hurry up and let the fat, ginger, toothless, alcoholic mongs have their "independence". It might shut the cnuts up. We could then rebuild Hadrians wall, they'd soon inbreed themselves to death and we could then re-open it as a park.

    The sooner Wales realises that it is merely the English county of Glamorgan and it's only purpose is as an armed forces training area the better too. Uppety thick leek crunching twats.

    You can all cover your faces in woad and rattle your spears if you like, we'll just kill you all and rape your families so pipe down.
  8. DNA resting shows the us paddys all have spanish blood,no such thing as celts. Watch yer arse Monty we're coming to wreck yer piles you mong
  9. Yes, we Celts can be a pain in the arse however, seems you want to go to a great deal of trouble to eliminate us....so here is a suggestion, straight from the heart and meant in the best possible taste...

    Fluck off and die.... 8) 8) 8)
  10. That will explain your tenuous grasp of English. I'll black 'n Tan your house in too whilst pissing on your potatoes. :wink:
  11. gave up on spuds,only grow tortillas since i found that we were spanish
  12. Have tourists started asking for cocking shamrocks in their pints of San Miguel?
  13. Pure brilliance. :lol:
  14. What an utter waste of band width this mong thread is. Fink, have you nothing better to do than stir shit.
  15. Cracking game on Friday. We gave it France but they played that little bit better. As for the other two games boring as hell to be honest. And if England are doing well on Sin Bins. 10 sin bins in the last 4 matches that's the way to do it lol
  16. C'mon FFS. I don't mind the dig, BUT, ginger?? That really pisses me off!

    Anyway, I'm Blittish, no bliiddyy Jocke me!
  17. Sorry, that bit was a sweeping generalisation. I stand by the rest of it though.
  18. Me thinks you Celts have really lost the basis of the plot. That is we accept the residents of Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales as Celts.

    The United Kingdom has a population of about 61 million 5.1 million live in Scotland, 3 million in Wales and 1,7 in Northern Ireland which means about 83% of the Population live in England. Over 50% of that lives in the South/South East Corner earning over 70% (well they were) of the GNP.

    To be fair the Celts are little more than three large counties at the extreme ends of the country and have little bearing on the the UK or England and the English. Now the French that is a different matter.

    I think your problem is that you really fail to understand or take note that your mean very little to the English who just see you as part of the big picture. If you want independence have it but do stop whinging on because you feel feel you do not get enough respect and notice. You are less than 20% of the Population so only get less than a 20% shout. That is if you can all shout together.

  19. Nutty, I didn't think you accepted anyone north of the river!
  20. What's with the 'Kernow' bit tommo? - the UN said that Cornish was extinct.

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