A golden rivet


War Hero
Yeah Momo - I thought it was pretty amazing too!!!! Glad to see that you bothered to read and reply. 'Twas obviously meant lightheartedly - that's what I thought this forum was all about!
Have retrieved tongue from cheek - head was never up arse - not supple enough these days!

Best wishes,


I read and reply to every post i make thats why i have 4396 forums in my favorites and havent slept for 3 months. Somebody always comes back with an answer and then im commited again you see.
There was also a golden rivet on the Royal Yacht...... :grin: :lol:

Your post was very interesting Momo. I was certainly unaware that golden rivets existed in any shape or form other than myth or the private yachts of Saudi Royals. We all have a strange sense of humour here and it's very much part of the RR culture. Nutty was being very tongue in cheek*, which was obvious to us seasoned Rum Ration salties. But we forgot that as a nozzer you might take it all too seriously. Poor sod! :wink:

Anyway welcome onboard the mad, sad, bad world of Pusser's finest and deadliest war canoe, and we look forward to more of your insightful contributions. :smile:


*We're still not sure which tongue was in whose cheek, and which cheeks were are discussing, and what the straying tongue was doing in between the cheeks in the first place! :shock: :lol:

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