A golden rivet

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by momo, Mar 9, 2007.

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  1. After reading some posts i thought i would share that yes they do exist. Its not on a ship but its still golden and a rivet.

    The 2.5 km. (1.5 mile) Forth Railway Bridge, the world’s first major steel bridge, with its gigantic girder spans of 521 m. (1710 ft.) ranks as one of the great feats of civilization. It was begun in 1883 and formally completed on 4 March 1890 when HRH Edward Prince of Wales tapped into place a ‘golden’ rivet.

  2. No momo, there is a Golden rivet here.....look...bend over and take a look!!!! :grin: :grin: :lol: :lol:
  3. We have our very own Golden_Rivet on this site. She's a female rivet and convo with her is rivetting at times too! :grin:
  4. Yes, she's also a cyberwoman and I find that quite disconcerting.
  5. MoMo

    You seem to be a person uneducated in the ways of Pusser (Royal Navy) your knowledge is either very skimpy or you have spent hours searching the internet for that bit of knowledge. Please go back to sleep or do some more resarch on Golden Rivet and Royal Navy

  6. I thought he was just offering to show us where it was!
  7. Ah nutty (Chocolate bar) thanks for reminding me why i rarely post on these forums (the general unfriendly attitude and to be honest total bollox that most people on here speak. (and to some of the others just because you served years ago doenst mean you know what its like now)). With 17 years and still serving i find that your post sums up the worst of the general attitude here. You have instantly assumed while knowing little. I found the fact that the forth bridge has a real golden rivet amusing (and no i didnt spend hours trawling the internet, its just a piece of knowledge i had). Even more so as HRH was asked to put it in. Yet you seem to feel that this proves your all found knowledge of the Andrew (royal Navy) must surely be superior to mine and so gives you a chance to try and belittle. Sorry it didnt work.
  8. Are all current members of the RN trained in climbing up their own arsses or is it just this bloke "17 years in and still serving" (f***ing whoopee!), and THE "I'm a serving senior rate and all you old bastards can stop posting on MY forum" MATELOT. For f***ks sake someone pick up their toys and put them back in their respective prams!!

    2BM (ex 25 years as a senior rate/NCO)
  9. Ladies please, whats with every dripping at each other lately, is there something in the water. I found the comment about the rivet interesting and also enjoyed nuttys dig. Fcuks sake we're all mostly serving or ex matelots, lets stop having a go at each other.
  10. AH right 2badge_mango i knew somebody on here would again come up with nonesense and attempt a twist. The point about my time served was merely to rebuff the

    "You seem to be a person uneducated in the ways of Pusser (Royal Navy) your knowledge is either very skimpy or you have spent hours searching the internet for that bit of knowledge."

    Which i found rather patronising to be honest.

    Not to try and blow my own trumpet ,which you seemed to have jumped to the conclusion about. Well if thats the case then surely im ok to go

    2BM (ex 25 years as a senior rate/NCO) - really wow thats amazing, ill pull you out your own arse when i get out of mine.
  11. Hey Momo
    Time to do the leadership course if you havn't done it, you're tought how not to bite as part of the course.
  12. A bite is only a bite if it wasnt serious.

    But if it wasnt serious then yes good one. I bit.
  13. Yeah Momo - I thought it was pretty amazing too!!!! Glad to see that you bothered to read and reply. 'Twas obviously meant lightheartedly - that's what I thought this forum was all about!
    Have retrieved tongue from cheek - head was never up arse - not supple enough these days!

    Best wishes,
  14. PS Wasn't aware of the dit about the Forth Bridge/golden rivet.
    Thanks for that.

  15. I read and reply to every post i make thats why i have 4396 forums in my favorites and havent slept for 3 months. Somebody always comes back with an answer and then im commited again you see.
  16. There was also a golden rivet on the Royal Yacht...... :grin: :lol:

    Your post was very interesting Momo. I was certainly unaware that golden rivets existed in any shape or form other than myth or the private yachts of Saudi Royals. We all have a strange sense of humour here and it's very much part of the RR culture. Nutty was being very tongue in cheek*, which was obvious to us seasoned Rum Ration salties. But we forgot that as a nozzer you might take it all too seriously. Poor sod! :wink:

    Anyway welcome onboard the mad, sad, bad world of Pusser's finest and deadliest war canoe, and we look forward to more of your insightful contributions. :smile:


    *We're still not sure which tongue was in whose cheek, and which cheeks were are discussing, and what the straying tongue was doing in between the cheeks in the first place! :shock: :lol:
  17. Thanks for the welcome. I may just begin to post a little more then.

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