A game for sprout haters

I work with a horrible cementer known as "Stig of the Dump" he's awful.
We shared a room on a drilling rig for far too long - I'd stow my gear in a locker, he'd leave it in his bag on the deck for me to trip over.
We'd eat food to get gas, we had a competion for the loudest most obnoxious smells created and mark each other out of 10.

A bowl of sprouts, soaked in vinegar (treble helpings!).

he'd been working late for a change, I was in my scratcher, door opens "my F ck" wha's that smell, shuts the door and piss s off - job done!
One night he had his superior out to check the layout of a unit, me bottom bunk left, George bottom bunk right.
Andy chair in between, as the evening went on - Andy, chair, slipped further and further back 'till he hit the lockers!

I sent this to my other half - her score was 6! She thought she had to get the guy to eat them all....!!


(But she is a Civil Servant :wink: )