A full road test for HMS Diamond (nice pics)

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by soleil, Dec 25, 2009.

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  1. Thanx Soleil
  2. Cheers for that Soleil, nice phots, looks pretty spacious for now.
  3. Now, are those tv screens above each bunk?
    First impression is they are only notice/gronk boards but, there also appears to be cabling above them...

    Good/bad thing..?
  4. They're not TVs as far as I'm aware.

    Thanks for those pictures, they're pretty awesome. The FX looks stupidly massive. The mess areas look nice. That being said, however, give me a 60-man dabbers' tribal mess any day of the week. The death knell for messdeck shenanigans?
  5. I'll be more impressed when the bugger can shoot down missiles instead of cricket balls doing Mach 3
  6. To be honest I am fairly disappointed. Everyone I have spoken too always goes on about how awesome the accommodation is but it looks exactly the same as any other pusser's grey, just a bit newer and shinier and with a locker above your feet to restrict movement whilst racked out and make it more difficult to get in or out of bed.

    I'll give it a year before those shiny mess decks have been trashed with big eats, gash posters, gronk boards and mess wrestling and they look the same as any other mess deck in the fleet.
  7. Oh no! My fat head won't fit in those bunks.
  8. Don't worry love; if you're as fit as I think, and hope, you'll spend most of your time at sea with your arse stuck out of your bunk space, being rear-ended by all hands :D
  9. Oh happy days..... :lol:

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