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Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Waspie, Dec 4, 2010.

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  1. Since moving over to a Mac at home I have missed Flight Sim from the previous Windows PC.

    So I do a bit of searching and find Mac do one called X-Plane 9. Looks good but carries a £50 price tag. (Plus mapping is limited to the US geography)

    Enter Mr Google and after a very brief search find the makers of the game sell the game plus full mapping and for all formats, (Mac, Windows, and Linux), on 6 DVD's for £25.22 including P&P.

    So Mr Allen, (Apple), is catching up with Mr Gates, (Microshite) on the marketing, (read - rip off), stakes. :evil: :evil: Quite a difference in price for what is in effect less than half the product.

    Moral - search before you part with ya wonga.
  2. Thought you would be looking for a Paraffin Pidgeon SIM. Waspie?? with compulsory Casex, Navex and Winchex :lol: :lol: :lol: and of course Sootax for Sir :roll:
  3. Nah Scouse.

    No more "Torque Split Call NR" followed by a PATCASATNI call for me ta very much.

    Nice sedate Cessna puddle jumping from my chair with a mug of tea and no worries if the landings don't go quite right!!!!!
  4. Come Dougie, you know you can't beat FS9 - I have a seaking in 819 & SAR colours as well as a wasp!
  5. Oh dear!!!!!!

    I'll stick with a wee puddle jumper, no guns, bombs or rotors fank you!!! :lol:

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