A fitting Tribute


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One of the lads at my boys' school here in Petawawa lost his stepfather last weekend - a bad weekend for my local community specifically and the coalition forces generally.

The general impression I've received since arriving here is that Canada treats its military far better than the UK; while people may not necessarily support the mission being undertaken, support for the troops remains strong.

Nice one Janner.

Pity the Uk doesn't produce tributes like that. Or would it possibly be against the MOD's way of thinking----- like yes the boys are getting killed
small headlines please .


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Can't actually view the link for some reason but taking Greenie's point in general, one question: do we make an effort to involve / line up guys who have been WIA in recent conflicts during the November rememberance day ceremonies? or is there a policy to shunt them to the rear.

No conspiracy theory answers required - this is just a genuine question.