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Hi guys. I sat my recruit test this morning and fell short of joining as act officer. I was told that I achieved the score required for any rating-air traffic control included. The unfortunate thing about this being the two and a half year wait. I have to tell him by Monday if I want to do this. My question is-if I agree to join as air controller, Is it two years till I start training (at Raleigh) or is it two years till the next step of the application which I have no guarantee to pass (medical,eye,fitness etc) I just don't want to wait two years to be told no at the very next step after rt test.

Sorry if this has already been covered...I tried looking for an answer but to no result. :( Thanks.
Phone your AFCO, they will be qualified to answer your questions.

In the mean time prepare yourself for the ensuing abuse!:D


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Firstly well done achieving a pass for Aircraft Controller (AC) - one of the highest scores required for ratings entry.

If it was the first time you have taken the Recruiting Test, you may re-sit whilst waiting to join as AC (in 12 months) - If you subsequently pass the test with a high enough score for Officer, you can transfer the application to Officer.

If you opt to join as an AC, you can expect at least a two year wait to join, if not a bit longer but so far as I'm aware, you will complete selection now rather than later if you wish to proceed.

Ultimately there's nothing to lose by completing selection - after all you are under no obligation to join but at least the clock starts ticking.
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