A few questions

Hello I'm thinking about joining the R.N.R's and just have a few questions. Do you already have to be employed to join and what are the policy on tattoos,is it just the same for the royal navy i.e nothing below the elbow,hands,neck,face etc etc ?

Not yet. I would just like a heads up on the tattoo thing first before I speak to a recruiter because I'm heavily tattooed (nothing offensive) and would like to know the policy on tattoos before I go wasting anyone's time.

Thank you.
I see that you mentioned your tattoos in more detail here, CM:


PS I have only mentioned this so that Ninja can read about your tattoos and perhaps comment further without you having to give all the details again.
Yea My first decision was to join the rfa but thought that Id get much better experience in the reserves.Plus the rfa arent taking on ratings at the moment.
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