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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by xnader, Feb 12, 2011.

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  1. Hi all, I'm currently applying for RM (passed RT, Medical, Eye Test and Psy test) however I am also interested in some of the RN jobs. I am from a sailing familiy and I have spent considerable time on tall ships and I served in the TA previously. I am interested in doing a job were I can work outside and in an enviroment I love (the sea). However, in all the programmes about the RN I see (such as the one on 5 at the moment) about 90% of the crew seem to spend all day in a ops rooms below decks.

    Obviously, seaman spec would be the obvious job. I am also looking at diving and warfare spec (in the TA I was infantry so know my way around most of the basics). I was wondering if anyone could tell me about career progression within these trades and how much of my career I could actually be outside doing stuff rather than staring at a computor screen.

  2. jimbo is right. Go and look at the RN website and the info sheets it has for each job. Find the ones that appeal to you most and think about the pros and cons of each. Then when you have 2-3 in mind talk through them with your family etc. Might give you an idea of what suits you best. (Its what I did and with a bit of advice from my CA I found ET to suit me best)

    I was TA too but Royal Engineers and regarding 'basics'.........apart from being able to swim, knowing my way around an SA80 and being able to do my own personal admin (unlike chico) I'm going to be a total newcomer at Raleigh with everything to learn.
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  3. thanks for the replies.

    In referance to the 'knowing the basics' i meant that on the RN site I have read that Warfare Specs use the weapons systems like GPMG and SA80. I meant that I know the basics of this area as I have used and am proficient in some weapon systems.
  4. Royal Navy

    think you have your wires crossed mate, seaman specs use weapon systems like SA80 and GPMG. Warfare spec is more as stated in the link.

    hope this helps you out a little bit.

  5. WS not only fire GMPG's and SA80's but 30mm, 20mm's and mini guns.
  6. Hello xnader,

    Whatever RN career path you settle on there will be always be opportunities to further your sailing hobby:

    RNSA Home Page

    Welcome to JSASTC -Sailing Courses. Adventurous Sailing. JSASTC. Joint Services Sail Training, Adventure Sailing . Services Sailing. RYA Approved.

    Best of luck

  7. Thanks for the replies so far. As some of you will probably have guessed I'm currently trying to work out if I want to apply for RM or RN (probably Seaman Spec). I'm currently applying as RM to 'get the ball rolling' but still have not really decided which I want to do. Although any advise on this will be welcome, I know in the end it is a decision only I can actually make.

    Another question I have; I'm a rugby player, how much time can I expect to get to persue this? I assume that I will have time when ashore, but how does this work? I'd ideally want to apply for the RN team and I guess that you can only play when you are not deployed?

    Also, what is the structure in terms of officers? Obviously I am very used to the army method of an officer in charge of 25-odd blokes, doing our paperwork, career courses etc. I've read that you work in naval 'divisions'. Is this true, how are they structured, how directly are you managed by your OC? Any answers would be great

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