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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by ellisdove, Jan 2, 2011.

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  1. Hi ,

    Ok I have given it a lot of thought for a few months now . I have decided joining the Royal Navy is what I want to do , for a solid career .

    Originally I wanted to go in as a Personnel Logisitician , but there really does seem to lack information on this role ? Can anyone point me to some information ,regarding the day to day life as a writer ?

    Also I have had a look and can't for the life of me seem to find a revised list of waiting times for 2011 ,does anyone have one out there?

    Finally ,Im 21 years old will be 22 in May . Is this too old to be joining up at this stage in my life? is it ever too late ?

    Thanks Everyone.
  2. 22 old??? You're still a nipper!
  3. Aye, some people have been around so long they have started to fossilize :p
  4. You've been in the NAAFI queue longer aint you tommo??
  5. Well the best buzzes are there fella
  6. Thanks for the help guys ! Anyone got any advice as to wether or not being on a sub or ship is better ?

  7. Only you can make that decision about which to type of vessel to go on. Some people will say boats are best (usually by those on them) and some will say ships are.
  8. also Tommo.....you forgot the other important question (for those considering boats).... Do you like grey, gloomy, rainy Scotland? Land of the Ginger ninja

  9. Small ships are in Faslamabad too shippers. Nothing makes the man better than an hour on the focsle at specials going into there! Rain, snow, sleet and sunshine all in one day!
  10. For some reason ,I think I would prefer to work on a sub :) Is it true that as a personnel logi , that I am likely not to step onto a vessell for years ? If so where do I go? just stationed on land somewhere ?

  11. If not on a ship or sub mate you will be in a Unit Personnel Office (UPO) or something connected to that (Cash Office etc) in one of the bases. Thats general though a writer is better placed for specific stuff
  12. I see .. I have just been browsing and found that on the RN website , they say that an Acquaint Course is available in Fife .. Is this for anyone that is considering signing up ?

  13. Yes thats for anyone who is joining up they do it at HMS Collingwood in Fareham as well
  14. So do I need to sign up or anything first or can I go to the RNAC then make my mind up after that ?

  15. Thats one for an AFCO guy shippers im not completely sure about that myself
  16. Oh OK , well thanks for your help yet again mate . Hopefully someone will be along to answer shortly :) Do you know ,when Im shorebound for the 12 months in a UPO or the likes after training ,do I live on a base or do I stay in my own accomodation ? Cheers
  17. Depends if you live near to where your based. I live near (ish) to Faslane so I drive in everyday. Its your choice at the end of the day
  18. What is it you do mate ?
  19. Im Mine Warfare myself

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