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I am new to these hallowed halls however i've been perusing every thread I can find on joining as an officer, nevertheless I have some questions which I hope can be answered.

I am going for a bursary to be a warfare officer, just need to get my NHS number from my GP then I hand in the form. I've talked to my AFCO and they have said that for the bursary route I do the RT, the eyesight, the medical and the fitness and assuming I pass those then I have the formal interview, however I don't do AIB until after uni? Is that correct?

Additionally I haven't been running for a while and so I did a practice run in the wilderness yesterday and got 12 minutes, this is a pass I believe but only just. I will push myself harder on the day and so go quicker (and presumably its on a track?) but assuming I got 12 minutes would this be sufficient for a bursary or will I need to go full steam and hit 10/11 minutes? I'll be faster after university anyway, just wondering what it would be like now.

Finally if anyone has any experience of applying for a bursary that would be most welcome.

The PJFT is on a treadmill, which needs a different running style than road or track running, there is a tread about JonnoJonno's experiences in the health and fitness section.

I would say do the best you can, but don't push yourself so hard you pop something. Also give yourself a day or 3 to rest before the test so your legs are fresh, otherwise you might be flagging part way through.

Best of luck.

The advantage to doing uni apart from the experience of university itself, is the extra pay for joining as a grad.
However the disadvantage is the accrued debt, plus non grad warfare officers who are joining now will be on a salary which is close to that of a grad by the time you finish university, plus they will have no student debt along with several years of experience under their belts.

Something to think about. I personally found university to be a positive experience, however some people differ in their opinions and wish they had went straight to the RN.
Great thanks. It seems that a treadmill is easier which is helpful, but would you happen to know a time to aim for? Is 12 too close to the margin to be considered seriously? I'm more confident about the other fitness tests.

Yes I realise the benefits of joining the navy early however the AFCO advised me to go to uni and I had intended to anyway, though for the bursary do you know if I would do the AIB before or afterward? And if before, assuming I am given an offer to attend, when would it be? I'm just wondering when to order the reading materials recommended by this forum (thanks to all those who contributed).

And I may need that luck!


War Hero
Ah thanks for the help soleil and Ninja_Stoker, that clears everything up.

Soleil thanks for the welcome! I am within the time however I was wondering if in order to get a bursary an unofficial higher level of fitness is required? And my uni hopefully starts mid-September in London, my AFCO says that I would join the London URNU and HMS President RNR as a requirement, which I am eager to do. Why do you ask? I am also away mid July to mid August if that complicates things, though I have notified the AFCO and they see no problem.

Yes I thought it would be odd that a bursary would be awarded without the AIB Ninja, if I manage to pass the initial hurdles before AIB is there a specific date for the AIB each year?
I asked about it only because I was trying to get a sense of the time frame involved. I couldn't tell whether you were three months away from starting at Uni or a year and three months.
Best of luck matey. Bit of advice uni wise. From my own experience. Dont at any point ever allow yourself to fall behind with the work as its a bitch to catch up, DO kick the arse out of Freshers year and have a blast, AND BE VERY CAREFUL WHO YOU LIVE WITH 2ND AND 3RD YEAR. Caps are best way to emphasize the importance of this last point. I ended up stuck in a house with a hypochondriac, and alcoholic and 2 religious zealots. Not fun, but the Alchy was a great help for escaping the stress ;)
Haha, i'll keep that in mind Scouse_Castaway, your experience doesn't sound fantastic...but as you say an alcoholic may be useful... ;)

Thanks again soleil, very useful information.

After all the help i've been given it'll be fairly embarrassing if I fail the RT hehe..
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