A few questions

Hi all,

Ive just applied to join the royal navy and i am very much looking forward to the prospect.

Problem i have is that i have been in and out of jobs since i left school never really able to find my feet, Ive always known Ive wanted to join the navy but never committed to past applications. . Alot of this was to do with my father's ill health as he suffered a stroke.

Now that my sister is older she has agreed that it is time i follow my dreams whilst she cares for him.

Main problem i have is that i have defaulted debts of around £2000 including a Scottish decree similar to a ccj. i am hoping to clear all of this debt starting with the decree in full.. i will also be paying the rest in a payment plan. I know it has been irresponsible of me but due to my commitments Ive struggled to get by.

I will be telling my CA all about these debts and my current plan to pay them off before my SC...

Will i still be in with a chance of passing my interview? And if so would the fact Ive only just started paying these hold me back?

Hope someone can shed some light.

Thanks in advance.
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Welcome, sorry to hear of your circumstances.

Firstly, you cannot join whilst in receipt of any carers allowances & must be confident your Dad is looked after in your absence. What happens if your sister is ill, etc.?

With regard debts - unresolved CCJs and defaulted payments that have not been addressed will stop you gaining SC. The solution? Talk to your creditors now, get a job to start repayments, don't make excuses. Once you are addressing your debts to the satisfaction of your creditors, SC won't be a problem.

Best of luck.
Yea that's the plan, appreciate your comments. at the moment my only income is carers allowance but this will be transferred to my sister.
No excuses at all its been hard the last couple of years, If required my cousin has just moved locally from London and have confirmed that they will help as and when required. as we speak I'm calling my creditors making arrangements to repay so step in the right direction.

I am also looking to family members to help me for now until I'm stable and on my feet.


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Good effort. The point about CCJs & defaulted debts is that even if the reasons behind them are morally justifiable, Security Clearance is not granted if they are unresolved or unaddressed.

Best of luck.

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