A few questions? (Submariners)

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by crazytree07, Dec 6, 2013.

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  1. A few questions?

    1) Do submariners actually get to see the world like there general service counterparts?
    2) If you fail submarine training do you go general service or have to leave?
    3) How much do submariners actually get paid?
    4) Whats living in farslane like?
  2. 1) Do submariners actually get to see the world like there general service counterparts?
    2) If you fail submarine training do you go general service or have to leave?
    3) How much do submariners actually get paid?
    4) Whats living in farslane like?
  3. Try the submariners forum.
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  4. Try the Joining Up - Royal Navy forum.
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  5. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    1. Yes, but usually through a periscope. Many countries don't really like nuclear reactors being parked in their dockyards. That said, if you don't have a foreign visit whilst on patrol, you'll have a couple of months' wages in the bank and be able to visit these countries when on leave, if you haven't nuked them. (All this is assuming you aren't daft enough to have a joint bank account).

    2. Depends. Fail Phase One or Two (initial & specialisation training), very unlikely. Fail SMQ wet/dry, there's a possibly of joining a shortage general service branch. Fail medically, again depends on reason.

    3. After you scupper your glass of rum and discover your kissing kippers in the bottom of it, about £300 per month more than your General Service counterpart, initially.

    4. Like living in any other Naval base area except with a Scottish accent and rain.
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  6. Info. loooonnnng out of date.

    In 11 years on a Boat (out of 22 in Boats.)

    Visited Halifax Nova Scotia, Groton x3, Charleston x4, Canaveral, Bermuda, Andross, Gib x12+ , La Spezia x2 Stavanger x2 and Liverpool x3 (Warrington x1).

    Failed medical 1 year after Qualifying was given the options. Probably not an option now. Depends on branch (stands to be corrected).

    Was about 20% ish extra.

    Was what you make it, Swimming, keeping fit, sport , sailing skiing, mountaineering etc. / alcoholic or combination, its up to you
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  7. 4. Hope to god you drive. The nearest town is £12-15 in a taxi away. The nearest mc Donald's is in Dumbarton. Dominos is to far away to deliver and the facilities on base are poor. If you are into your fitness the gym is good and there are plenty of opportunities to do AT. The JR's bar isn't that popular the base is run by Babcock and the prices are higher than in the high street.
    There are base buses that will take you to Helensburgh, Dumbarton and Glasgow airport for free but they are in frequent. Parking on base is poor the base has limited spaces for everyone and you'll spend ages finding a space on return from the shops or leave. Accommodation is two men sharing an old SR cabin, no choice who you share with.
    As you may have guessed I don't beat around the bush but living on base is just about bearable if you can get out to do some shopping off base :)

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  8. 1. No
    2. Don't know
    3. Not enough for what they do
    4. Shite
  9. Hi Mate,

    Not sure I can answer your questions as I left the RN 20 years ago having spent the last 16 years of my time in Nuclear Submarines (Boats).

    When I changed from General Service to Submarine Service there were a few people on the same submarine course that failed and they all went back to General Service. I say back because they all came from general service to start with, I'm not sure if you could go straight to Submarine service from basic training back then. As one of the other replies say it depends on why you failed. I would have thought that a basic unfit for service will see you out of the mob but a failure of a Submarine related area should see you back in General Service.

    Yes it was a tough course and loads to remember when you actually get on a boat but it becomes a way of life and a brilliant and worthwhile one.

    As for seeing the world, sorry to say that almost everywhere we called into from the 1980's onwards we were told we would be the last nuke to go there because everywhere was becoming a nuclear free country. So the places you can go are getting less and less, unless you go onto diesel boats (if there are still some around, I'm sure there will be).

    And don't get fooled that only ships see where they go.... When on passage we stopped and surfaced many times in warm waters for a swim, shooting competition or a barbeque on the casing. Ok we were mostly under the water but the times we stopped for some fun made them all the more enjoyable.

    Pay,, We didn't get much more than the General Service guys but we did get more. We didn't need it of course because whenever we went anywhere outside the UK we were put up in hotels and got extra money for food etc.
    Plus the life of a submariner although possibly more demanding than in General Service is a great life, more friendly and the relationship with the seniors & officers is a millions times better. I ended up 1 in 2 at sea meaning I was on watch for 6 hours and off for 6 hours for most of the time. During the time I was off I was expected to eat, wash, sleep etc. and get my maintenance done (that is if we wasn't doing some kind of exercise).

    Wasn't a great place back then, out of the way (all hills), loads of greenpeace / anti nuclear protesters lining the road to the base spitting and throwing things at you on the way in or out of the base. Married quarters was up a big hill in Helensburgh that made it impossible to get in to the base if it snowed (bet that has been sorted out now). The locals didn't like us much and made life a little hard if you lived or relied on the local town. There were loads of fights with the locals, they tended to pick on a drunk matelot so got away with it most of the time. The place is cold, had little facilities, full of drunks and unfriendly people.

    Having said all that I spent 4 years on ships before becoming a Submariner, and saw most of it at sea and saw many nice warm country so I have seen both sides. My opinion is that Submariners have it by a mile and some.

    I hope some of that will be of help to you, I know it's a long time out for me and things change a lot but I bet both the General & Submarine services have both changed just as much and not all for the better.

    1972 to 1993
    Junior Seaman Gunner to POWEA
  10. I have a question, I remember seeing some wafus with Dolphins. Somebody told me that there was a CPO tiffs (Wafu) draft at Faslane, with something to do with Torpedos?

    Or was that a gash dit and these guys had simply re-catted from the Sundodgers?

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  11. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    I dunno, JFH, but I once met a WAFU with Crabs. But that's a different story entirely... :oops:
  12. To be honest I don't know if there was a billet for one in-board but needless to say he would have to passed the Submariners Pt3 training on a boat to get them unless he was given them as a honorary Submariner for services too....

    But the only ones I came across that were in branches not billeted on a boat were recats (I did that twice....) and a few sky pilots that were given them because someone thought they deserved them.

    No one would have got their Dolphins just because of the job they were doing....
  13. Weapons is part of the OA's empire, any woo's sporting dolphins would have been either re-cats or walts. There's a few crushers around who used to be submariners who wear them (I'll leave the branch failure comments to others.....doh!)
  14. I joined Raleigh 8 years ago as a SA(SM)2 (Still got my Mckenzie Sqn Short Leave card with Wreckers stamp on it). Day one I had to do A vitalagraph and barely passed. Did Part 1 and 2 then went to Mckenzie Sqn for Part 3. I was told as I'd had my birthday in training I had to redo my vitalagraph before I'd go on SETT as all the pass marks changed. Unfortunately do to medical reasons I was unable to reach these new marks and I was told I'd have to leave the Sub school. As I was already qualified as an SA I was asked if I wanted to go General Service in my current trade (at the time the branch was way over manned for general service AB's and the waiting list was something like 2 years for new recruits, but as I was already trained as an SA there was no point forcing me to change trade and waste money) , or branch transfer to another general service trade of my choice if I wanted to. The next day I was shipped of to Culdrose.

    There is a LPhot joining my unit in a couple of weeks who has his dolphins, but I'm guessing either he was a bubble head in his old trade or would they train some to be submariners so that they can get those lovely periscope photos of ships doing SMCC for Navy News?
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  15. 1. absolutely no chance

    2. In most cases yes. depends on far along the training pipeline you are. the earlier you fail the better of your chances

    3. Get paid the same until you get submarine qualified and then you will take home about £400+ a month more than your opposite number on a ship. When you are assigned to a sea going until you will also get an additional £150 a month submarine supplement. That is paid because working on boats is utterly awful, no life, loads of duties and generally digging out more than your general service counterpart.

    4. Avoid it like the plague. cant think of anything worse
  16. The Phot would have been a Submariner before he became a Phot.
    I was the ships photographer on the Salisbury, Dreadnought and the Churchill and did a lot of defect, PR and periscope work (even won an award for underwater periscope photos in Navy News) from doing that I thought of re-catting to a Phot in 1989 and had a 5 day interview in Whale Island which went brilliantly with everyone saying I should be a Phot, while I was there I helped them out on shoots and getting prints out as they were busy and short handed. But that was scuppered by my DO at the last minute objecting to me leaving the boat early.

    Thinking back I do remember a marine that spent a long time on a boat that did his Pt3 and was awarded his dolphins but he wasn't allowed to do too much around the boat as he had not done the full training. Still he was a good bloke wiling to try most things...

    Submarine service is always put down by those not in it or those that left it after only a short time, talk to those that was in for the long haul and you will hear it's a great job. OK at first it's a big ball buster having to do the Pt3 stuff but once you are the other side of that with time you become an expert in many areas. You get so much in depth job knowledge, masses of confidence and have the best ship mates you could wish for plus the high respect from above that is only seen on boats.
  17. HMS VICTORIOUS makes an official visit to some Chinese shit-hole on the banks of the Yangzte River.


    Faslane Naval Base at low tide.


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