A few questions on Cycling.

I had a quick look on the old posts and there doesn't seem to be much on cycling in the Navy, other than guys starting out looking for advice or guys doing long charity rides.

What's the cycling scene like in the RN? Specifically Road cycling

I see from the RN website there's a club. Any members on here?

Is there much scope to race? I'm no Mark Cavendish or anything but does the Navy cycling club do much in terms of competition?

I'm currently applying as a submariner so would be interested in what goes on around Faslane. I've been up that way before & providing the weather's ok (by ok I mean ok for Scotland so, not snowing or windy, like really windy) it looks like there's a few decent runs about. (Insert decent runs in my shorts joke... Tight lycra shorts with a padded crotch mind you):tp:

From what I understand there's exercise bikes on Trafalgar class boats, but none on Astute class?

Saw on a post from last year mentioning the Cycle2Work scheme not being run in the Navy. Is this still the case?
Now if it was Trick Cycling I may have been able to assist.
Do you mean track cycling?

To be honest I'm more interested in tarmac than wood, but I imagine Scottish winters would mean the indoor sport is more sustainable, especially with Chris Hoy's new place in Glasgow?


The new Velodrome is brilliant. You have to do an induction however its very cheap as its run by the council and then once you have done it you can get track time really easily.

As for tarmac there are loads of good runs around Faslane, up to Loch Lomond etc. One particular area called the Dukes Pass is a hill that will seriously do you in :)
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