A few questions. Ex army reg -thinking of joining RMR

Discussion in 'RMR' started by Kola, May 25, 2008.

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  1. Hi all,

    Server with the British army as a loggy in 1995-2000. Saw action in Bos etc.
    Life has really slowed down for me these days. I have a great wife, house, daughter, dog etc etc and every day I read papers and probs should smoke a pipe.
    Whilst I wouldn't change my home life for all the tea in china, as a ex Bosnia vet, Im missing that forces camaraderie and action/danger/challenge etc.

    So, why not be the best right? Thinking of joining the RMR. Setting myself a hard challenge.

    A few questions.

    1 - Im 34 but am an ex army regular. Can I still join the RMR?
    2 - Would my bounty reflect my army service of will I start again seems as I woulnd't be army anymore?
    3 - Do you get any extra pay if you enlist for rapid deyployment etc.

    Sorry, I know my last two Qs are pay related. I'm not wanting to join for the cash but as Tesco's say, every little helps.
  2. Hi there Kola and welcome aboard.
    In answer to your questions.
    1) Age limit is 35 for Ex Services, so you'd better get a wriggle on.
    2) I would think you'd be given credit for your previous service.
    3) Your training will take at least 18 Months, if you go straight through from Go to Whoa with no injuries or other problems. As far as extra payments go I wouldn't have thought so, you Volunteer to go on Ops and a place is found for you, there wouldn't be much hanging about.
    Here's a linky thing for the RMR pages on the RM website have a gander for more info.
    Good luck.
  3. I think the clock resets after 5 years, so you may not have any credit from previous service.
  4. Thanks for the advice m8.

    Bloody bank hol mon here. Have to ring tomorrow.

    Ill update this thread and let you know how I go.

    @ Karma - bugger
  5. Hi Kola
    NZB is correct when he states age limit is 35 for ex regular , however CO has discretion in all cases and it would really depend on how you performed on selection weekend.
    Re bounty - if you have been out over five years you will start on the bottom rung, as with any seniority you may have had.
    Whats your locstat ???
  6. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Just to say the official RM website is partially incorrect with regards max age being 35 for those with former service. The request for change was submitted 2 months ago, but as always, nothing's happened.

    The delightful BR63A "Admin Regs for the RMR" does not make any reference to those with former service and merely states that max age is 32, however in "exceptional circumstances" (it doesn't state what is considered exceptional) the Director RMR may grant an age waiver. Age constraints over 32 are not indicated.
  7. So, is this good for me or not Ninja?
  8. although BR63A states that the Director RMR grants the age waiver in "exeptiional circumstances " in practice your unit CO will grant the waiver , a good show on selection will normally suffice.
    As requested what is your locstat as i should be able to find out the next selection weekend dates as my advice would be to go for it at your earliest opportunity
    the longer you leave it the harder it will be for you both administrativley and physicaly
  9. You know, I never understand having an age limit and a fitness test and lets face it the RMR is built on many fitness tests.

    I know many 17 year olds who would lack not only the physical requirement to gain entry to the RMR but certainly the mental aspect of such a grueling course.
    On the flip side of this I know a few 40 year olds and a lad in his 50's who I would bet would pass with flying colours.

    My point, why have an upper age limit. Test everyone every year and when they stop passing the test, then there not fit enough to be a RMR.

    George Foreman won the heavyweight boxing title at 45!!! He'd have been 13 years past his sell by date according to RMR. My point here is some people are late developers, age really is but a number!

    Rant over.

    @ Moose - Hey moose. RMR Tyne is my nearest.
  10. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    From an AFCO perspective as long as a written age waiver is granted in writing by the Director RMR (DRMR) or a letter of delegation is raised by DRMR authorising Commanding Officers to waive the age constraints, then you'll be processed, subject to passing selection.
  11. Kola
    next selection RMR TYNE 2-3 Aug. Get your skates on and ring their Recruiting Sgt -- thats if you really are serious about having a go

    hard , harder , harder yet !!!!
  12. Hi Moose.

    I spoke with the color sgt this morning who was most informative and helpful.

    I mentioned the age thing to him and didn't see it as even a slight problem so my advice to any George Foreman's out there, don't be put off, as RMR tyne at least seems very flexible for the right candidate, IE someone with a shot at being fit enough to pass the course.

    He's sending me a DVD and invited me down for a chat etc. TBH he was extremely encouraging.

    He confirmed what Karma said about having to start at the bottom rung re annual bounty. Oh well, me and money don't seem too mix well anyhow.

    Only thing he did say that I didn't like was all tours of active service are 6 months. Theres no scope for three months even for volunteers.
    This is a prob as 6 months doesn't have a very good WAF (Wife Acceptance Factor)
    No Im not under the thumb but Its not just me anymore, I have a family now and need the wife on board as it will be just as hard for her being left at home. Harder as I am volunteering to go, she is just being supporting by agreeing. To be fair to her she's mega supportive in everything I do. So I have to respect and take into account her feeling.
    I am joining the RMR to go on active service with an elite force. Simple as.

    Anyhow, I have to pass the commando course first so I'm jumping the gun a bit here but my long term goal is active service.

    Moose I know about the Aug date but I want to get fit first. I have always kept a level of fitness such as the ability to pass the standard army BFT but the commando course would make mince meat out of me at the mo.
    I want to get into the habit of running 6 miles 3 times a week with 10 min miles.
    Running isn't my greatest strength, never has been. Im a big lump, not fat but neigh on 18 stone and 6'2". Im fine at tabbing, can tab all day, but still need to improve my over all CV before Ill be confident applying to an elite service.

    The great thing about being 34 is I know the hell I am getting myself into here with commando training. Its gonna be "harder yet" (to quote a certain someone) but with the correct approach ill be giving myself the best chance of passing. A my current self assessment is better cardio vascular.

    Id like to thank all that replied to this thread.

  13. Kola
    good effort on contacting RMR Tyne and as i suspected the age thing shouldnt be a problem provided you give a good account on selection. also remember that on selection as long as you give 100% as instructors are looking for a base level of fitness they can build on and not necessarily some " Ninja jack cnut!"
    I am unable to discuss deployment , however my advice again is this is not an issue
    good luck and keep us all posted
    push hard , harder ,, harder yet !!!
  14. with regards to RMR tyne, i will be on that selection weekend it will be my third i have passed them all before but somethinig keeps coming up so i have to start the training again, but thats a seperate story to wich there is a few petty details,

    the lads at tyne will do as much as they can to get you trhough the paper work but if your going to apply do it soon as the paperwork, PJFT, eye exam and the medical exam takes a bit of time,

    for the PJFT you need to clock a mile and half in under 11 mins ish go for under ten to be safe but as said before its about the effort if your biff at running and do the mile and a half in say 12 mins but beast the press ups then you make up the points difference.

    i remember this one ex TA lad who was a bit older, when he came to the unit he was a complete jack bstrd, just kept talking about the SAS he couldnt even do a pull up, and just dripped on about his special boots, knober........

    but yeah if tyne is your closest go for it, best RMR unit going, plus its a sniper unit so if you want a SQ its the right place to be to learn how to be a god lol damn this beer makes me talk alot......
  15. I remember two ex army lads popping along.

    One was ex guards. Phase one no problem boots nice and shiny earmarked for NCO material. Phase two he lasted a couple of months and that was it.

    Regarding the age issue. I was running a half marathon every Sunday and the odd ten miler during the week when I was forty two. Leaving many a twenty year old on the start line. Now at fifty nine this June I can still knock a good forty miler out no problem. If you keep it going it will always be there not to the calibre of a trained bootie but good enough to enjoy life, and life is walking those hills is it not.

    I always found the Geordie lads a great bunch of lads. Like the scousers at the old spud warehouse at Morpeth Dock. Good mates!!
  16. Hi fellas

    @Career Recruit

    Im not sure its fair to say the bloke you mention was a tosser was like that cos he was ex TA or older. There's plenty of choppers to be found in all walks of life, from the army to tesco's. It is a fact there is good and bad in every race.

    Yes, even Sunderland supporters. I thought they were all mutants but one day I met a decent one. Taught me a right lesson in life. Of course there still second class to Newcastle supporters but my point is, he isnt a tosser just because he's older of ex TA. He's a tosser because he's a tosser, simple as.

    @ Backpacker1uk

    Thats superb to hear. Really inspiring. I really must improve 'my' running first. I want to be able to run 6 miles in 60 mins every other day before I apply. Ive watched much footage of the training and know from my own standard army basic the fitter you are, well it's one less thing to worry about.
    Seems as I am now quite confident the age thing won't matter if im 34 (now) or 37 (2 years time) then I have plenty of time to get myself in shape. This is great news to me and takes alot of pressure off.
    I doubt Ill ever see the day when I can run 40 mile but as a target aim to do the great north run next year.
    As I said before, I can tab forever as god built me on the large muscular side, but running, I find it helps if your more slightly built and big guys like me struggle, so its extra effort needed from me in that department.

    I won't be applying until I feel ready. I hear what your all saying loud and clear re RMR not wanting Ninja's but I fell my running ability is my problem and a one I will get in check before I apply.
  17. Sorry it had been a long day.

    I meant yomp a good forty miler at the age of fifty nine.

    More into yomping the hills and mountains these days in the UK and Ireland and planting spuds and organic veg.

    I was walking the bogs at Carrick on Shannon couple of weeks back with one guy aged eighty two and one eighty six. Guinness the water of life!

    It is a sad fact of life that these days that most are more fitter than their children.

    Blame the computer/ game system or car and fast food outlets.

    I would say if you intend to take up a fair about of running mix your surfaces Think of your joints. And train do not strain.

    Listen to your body and not the watch on your wrist and before you know it the miles will drift on by.

    Best of luck.
  18. Yeah I have a prob with my shins. But only because there out of training. Im currently running for 3 mins and walking for 3 mins for 3 miles. My cardio could do better but Im waiting for my shins to catch up.

    Within a few months Ill run the 3 miles in one go. Then ill increase the millage over time to 6 miles and then increase the time to a mile in 10 mins.

    This is my first goal, my second is the great north run, my 3rd RMR.
  19. that came across wrong i wasnt trying to imply he was a tosser of either of those reasons, as you said he just was :)
  20. Best piece of running advice ever. :thumright:

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