A few questions concerning joining as an MEO

Hi, I'm looking to apply for Marine Engineering after graduation, preferably for the Submarine Service. I've got another year to go till then so I'm doing my homework as best I can on career options/progression and I want to clarify a few things.


I might be looking in the wrong places, but my Google-fu led me to this post as the best answer for what kind of progression an Engineer would expect. If I am reading it right, its 95 weeks for MEO training after Brittania, does this include Submariner training for the Dolphins, or is that a separate branch of training after?
Much of what I have found towards career progression ends around at LtCom for Engineers, and beyond that seems to be mainly warfare officers. Does Engineering plateau at this point or does it progress in different directions?
I have seen references to a return of service less than the 12 year commitment, at differing levels. Here for instance I found a reference to three years, in other places 4 or a vague "depending on branch". I am not looking for a finishing school, just trying to pin down what the terms are.


Finally, I have the 180 UCAS points and change, so that shouldn't be a bother.

Thnakyou for your time.
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Hey Crabtree.

With regards to the last bit of your question as far as my own research goes the return of service (3 years) is the minimum you must serve.
The Initial Commission (12 years) is what you can serve, and if you want to do more you transfer to the Career Commision (20 years) and then Full Term (to retirement).
Of course that depends on the needs of the service...

Regarding career progression I'm afraid I got as far as you.

Hope that helps

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