A few questions about the Seaman Apprenticeship- RFA

I originally posted this in the RFA forum on Monday but i havnt had any replies yet so hopefully i get better luck here

Is the only medical requirement for the RFA being able to pass the ENG1 medical? I ask since i got rejected by the army due to a mild case of aspergers and i cant join the military branches of the navy due to being on anti depressants. According to a few maritime doctors i have spoken too over email, the aspergers and anti depressants are taken on a case by case basis. So as long as passing the ENG1 is the only thing i need to be medically eligible to join i should be able to pass it fine. I am quite over weight too but im working on that, i am still fairly fit even though im a fat arse.

About how long does it take from applying to starting your training? I am going to college in September but id leave to join the RFA if my application is successful. I was also wondering what the living conditions are like in training? I dont care about being in a dormitory type situation but id like to be able to have privacy while having a shower. Dont really want to shower with a bunch of other sweaty blokes. Thats leads to my next question too, about how many are in an intake? Would there be a few 17-19 year olds since i am 17 myself.

What are conditions like for LGBT members? I am gay myself and i dont particularly want to hide it from the other sailors on boards since i have hid it most of my life, however i wont go on about it obnoxiously either.

Thanks for reading :)
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