A few questions about the Seaman Apprenticeship- RFA

I originally posted this in the RFA forum on Monday but i havnt had any replies yet so hopefully i get better luck here

Is the only medical requirement for the RFA being able to pass the ENG1 medical? I ask since i got rejected by the army due to a mild case of aspergers and i cant join the military branches of the navy due to being on anti depressants. According to a few maritime doctors i have spoken too over email, the aspergers and anti depressants are taken on a case by case basis. So as long as passing the ENG1 is the only thing i need to be medically eligible to join i should be able to pass it fine. I am quite over weight too but im working on that, i am still fairly fit even though im a fat arse.

About how long does it take from applying to starting your training? I am going to college in September but id leave to join the RFA if my application is successful. I was also wondering what the living conditions are like in training? I dont care about being in a dormitory type situation but id like to be able to have privacy while having a shower. Dont really want to shower with a bunch of other sweaty blokes. Thats leads to my next question too, about how many are in an intake? Would there be a few 17-19 year olds since i am 17 myself.

What are conditions like for LGBT members? I am gay myself and i dont particularly want to hide it from the other sailors on boards since i have hid it most of my life, however i wont go on about it obnoxiously either.

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Hello, if your still into the RFA here is your answers, RFA Support LGBT ok I am openly gay myself, some people on ship may not like it but you report them. The RFA is good themselves and if they caught onto it the person taking making fun would be dealt with, doubt that would happen though as there a friendly bunch, test plenty of young recruits these days, application min is about 1 year, you need to pass ENG 1 and have all vaccinations they give you to get, you pay they reimburse. Accommodation on ship as an apprentice you will be in a 4 man cabin also known as EMF this is until you’ve completed your apprenticeship then you get your own cabin, likely you’ll be in a 4 man on your own.
Hope this helps.

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