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I currently have an officer application going through, to get into the Army Air Corps, but I was wondering if I would still be able to apply to the FAA as well, during this time?

I want to fly, and the navy seem like they're the most flexible flying force, and the army air corps seems like they do a LOT of fighting at the minute out in 'stan so they both appeal to me.

So will I be able to apply to both at the same time? or is it one at a time here?

Thanks lads


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I'd simply speak to the ACLO for definitive advice on that one.

You have to convince your potential employers you are hell-bent on joining their particular arm as it's the best there is. If you apply the scattergun approach (which IS permitted) you may well cloud the element of signaling your true intent & raise questions about your motivation/desperation & even worse, lessen the capacity to retain sufficient detail about the relevant arm if trying to juggle multiple applications.

I'd say do one at a time so as you can focus, but it's ultimately your choice.


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Yeah I understand what you mean, as in, how would they know im commited to THEM and not just to getting in any way I can.

I guess it's because I don't have any immediate family that've served, so I don't really have a service preference.

I think I'm alright detail wise, as I have a pretty good memory and have been researching stuff for a while... it's just the way that i'd be viewed that's a problem... as it'd be more "I want to be a pilot" than "I want to be a pilot in the navy" or "I want to be a pilot in the army"

Guess I'm going to have to have a think about it :)

Thanks ninja

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