A few Pictures (taken in the Falklands & Ascension islands)


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Figured some of you might like to see some of these Photos.

Featuring a VC-10, 747 and some Tornados. :)

Edit: Lets try again!

Here, so you dont have to click on them! :)

With that many pictures, you are far better off using the RR Gallery shipmate.
This thread will fade and drop off the front page quite quickly, but the gallery stays the same, and people can find the phots that they want to see very easily.


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Re: A few Pictures (taken in the Falklands & Ascension islan

Passed-over_Loggie said:
Nice to see the Vickers Funbus air to air again. How did you wangle a back seat in the Tornado then?

The chaps at http://www.pprune.org/military-aircrew-57/ might also like to see them. They're very good pictures.
Well, my brother is an AET, im joining shortly as an AET too. My father is a Civvy Aircraft Engineer who used to do a lot of Military contracts, he's the lucky fella who took the photos.

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