a FAT question

I am back with another question, and a long search hasn't revealed any answers to it, in peoples opinions how representative is the questions/screens in the booklet you get emailed with the date of your FAT of the real FAT questions/screens??

and another thing, say I pass for aircrew pilot, how long (roughly) does it take the AIB to decide wether or not to call me forward for interview?

any help greatly appreciated!!
I felt that the examples given in the booklet were an accurate representation of what the tests were like.
If you pass the tests it usually takes a week or two for the AIB to issue a board date and you can expect that to be within 4-6 weeks of your FAT pass.
thanks for the information guys, i found there was quite a difference with the RT so i thought I'd check with the experience on here!!
In my experience the RT test example questions were a good representation of what the questions in the actual test would be like. This is only my opinion however, I feel that the questions in the test are no more difficult. What is more difficult is 1) the timed conditions you are under 2) the pressure of your career potentially resting on the outcome of this otherwise relatively simple test and 3) the somewhat harsh introduction you are given to the armed forces as a whole. The last point could only be true of my AFCO of course however, when you are threatened with prison if you so much as carry on writing for a few seconds after the examiner has shouted "PENCILS DOWN!" It kind of piles the pressure on that little bit more. ;).

Either way FAT's are largely designed to test your natural ability so regardless of how accurate the example questions are, for the most part, you either have it or you don't.

One more thing, SDT!

Good luck.

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thanks booner, it was just my experience, but could have been me feeling a little pressure. That is the one thing people do mention, SDT! Hopefully I wont feel the heat so much at Cranwell!!


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The recruit test booklet contains questions extracted from the three test versions. The only thing that differs is the values.

Those that feel the real test more difficult tend to be from the group that do not follow the practice test example guidelines. In particular this relates to the limited time available to complete the test with an average of around 22 secs per question.
I see where you are coming from ninja, and yeah I think I did overlook some of the guidelines, and felt it because of that. Thankfully I still passed but I did learn to read the booklets thoroughly.
It'll be F-ing freezing in Jan/Feb. ;).

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having just got back from the FATs yesterday I can totally agree with that! At times I wish I had thermals on under my suit! Thankfully I passed (just) so I am waiting to hear what the AIB think of me so far. I can agree that the introduction booklet was accurate on the questions but there were a few tests which weren't in the booklet at all!
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