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A & E waiting times.


War Hero

3 wards at my local hospital were closed and turned into offices for the target makers/assessors/checkers and their admin staff.
Bed shortage at same hospital , yes there does need to be some accountability for op waits etc but not the be all and end all of the NHS. How much of NHS budget is given over to these pen pushers that could and should be used for the underpaid clinical staff ?.

Entrance lobby at each hospital should have a senior nurse to check peeps first and send them packing if it is a sore back/cut finger/corn on big toe etc to free A&E for incoming ambulance with patients who have REAL need , one or two already do this.
It was either on here or on ARRSE, but there used to be a call sign that had as their signature:

"NHS - hitting the targets but missing the point".

And it was true.

Except for the hitting part.
Having targets made sense when they were achievable and some needed a kick up the bum to get themselves motivated. Now, for a variety of reasons, hardly anyone can hit the targets and A& E staff are close to burn out trying to achieve the near impossible. We all know working in a pressurised environment does not produce the best results. Mistakes are made and staff absenteeism increases. There will be howls of "cover up" if the targets are removed but currently all they are doing is highlighting the many shortcomings of the NHS and putting an already under pressure staff under more pressure.

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