A day when not on deployment?


I am currently going through the application process to be a Mine Warfare Specialist.
I am wondering, what is life like when not at sea/on deployment?


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Working, getting everything ready for the next deployment!

And repairing everything you broke on the last one!!


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Not at sea or on course, but on a ship or shore establishment. Daily routine as below.

0730 - if you're up for it - brekky
0800 stroll into place of work - DO NOT forget to shout 'Good Morning' to the Chief.
0801 read paper, chat with buddies
0830 commence whatever work / maintenance is required
1030 down tools, stand-easy. Note: as the sprog you will be detailed off to get the oggies
11ish back to whatever you were doing
12ish set off for lunch
1300ish back from lunch, read paper, chat to buddies, back to work
1430ish coffee break
1600 secure. Stow all kit, go to mess or cabin
1730 head off to scran
1830 bath and dhobs, ready to go out on the lash
1930 A Bar - quick stabiliser before heading out
Silly o'clock - thrown out of bar - head to club
Dark o'clock thrown out of club (failed to trap - they were all lesbians)
Sparrow-fart - back onboard, head down

Repeat for 22 years!

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