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A cracking piece of ARRSE


War Hero
lol now i found that very funny,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
can you just see the look on her face................
it's very funny indeed but does make me want to puke and IF it were true - which one doubts - I'd feel very sorry for the woman involved ... :tp:


being in a delicate disposition this morning, i had a great deal of trouble not throwing up whilst laughing my my arse off


Lantern Swinger
Excuse me saying so,but you Navy folk are easy to shock so it seems.
It shows you just aren't cut out of the same fine wood as we pongos are ;)
Besides, i really "wonder" how the_wonderer found this thread which is more than a year old.... :biggrin:


War Hero
Cloggie said:
Excuse me saying so,but you Navy folk are easy to shock so it seems.
It shows you just aren't cut out of the same fine wood as we pongos are ;)
Besides, i really "wonder" how the_wonderer found this thread which is more than a year old.... :biggrin:

...far too much time on my hands :laughing6:
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