A couple of tips for Raliegh

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by leeblease, Dec 2, 2007.

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  1. Well I am two weeks into Phase 1 training and its brilliant, except for the scran, it truly is **** "death by potatoes", the puddings are very nice though.

    The first week is boring, loads of paper work, injections, dentals and medicals, and briefs.

    Some tips:

    Only bring the clothes your travelling in.
    You only need 4 pairs of knicks
    You dont need any civvy socks ecept for the ones you travel in.
    Only take 3 coat hangers.
    Bring some CD's, mess decks have a portable stereo.
    Dont buy Parade Gloss polish, it is shit.
    Lads make sure you can do close arm push ups, this will be how you get tested.
    Make sure you can Iron.

    I know some of this contradicts the advice given by your AFCO, but you dont need all those coat hangers, socks, and knicks, you wont use them and they make your locker look untidy. Our DI said the list of kit you need to bring is being reviewed.
  2. Pray tell why you feel Kiwi Parade Gloss polish is shit - I have used it for about 25 years and have never found anything better, and believe me I have tried lots.

    What would you recommend to make my shoes even shinier than they are at the moment ?

    Glad you're enjoying your training though
  3. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    ...Electrolube... :wink:
  4. Oh ye Gods! Mess decks with a portable CD player..
    All that work and still subjected to other blokes dubious musical taste?
    Still, am glad though that you are enjoying it.
  5. I hope you're enjoying the training.

    BTW it's not 'pudding' it's 'duff'. :wink:
  6. Hey you shpould have told me that in 1976,i dont do the polish ME7 fulfilled all my shoe shining needs,asa for the food my killick of the mess is a a Warrant Officer Chef at Raliegh at the mo no names but he is Irish

    But any way be positive be focussed and just hope you are a pompey rating far better place

    Says the Man who lives 5 miles from Raliegh
  7. We had to club together and pay for a stereo for our mess lol

    As for polish nowt wrong with parade gloss if you have to use it.

    It's strange to hear from someone who's only 2 weeks in but then things have changed over the years.

    I hope you are enjoying it
  8. Ahhhhhhhhhh, ME7- good until it rains. So I've heard.
  9. well it did tend to turn milky in the wet,although i cant remember what division i was in in Raliegh,but having said that and this is serious i did forget what ship i was on in 1982 down South
  10. Don't only take the clothes you travel in! When you get to your last couple of weeks you'll need clothes to go out on a POs' piss up and to a leisure centre outing too. You'll also get shore leave on one day. You'll look a bit of a gyppo if you only take one set of clothes, but don't take too much stuff.
    Washed but unused knicks are useful to have to keep in your locker. Stops you getting caught out.
  11. Washed but unused knicks are useful to have to keep in your locker. Stops you getting caught out.[/quote]

    Surely the food is not that bad or have they turned up the fear factor in the fire school! ^_^;
  12. BTW it's not 'pudding' it's 'duff'. :wink:[/quote]

    Dit from the Bronington when Prince Charles was CO. Steward to one officer in the wardroom after main course dinner "Duff Sir" "yes Please"
    to two other officers, "duff sir" "yes please" To Prince Charles, "Duff sir"
    "yes please, but it is pudding not duff" "Three duffs, one pudding coming up" retorted the steward.
  13. Believe it, one of our guys got backclassed for displaying dirty knicks for a kit muster!
  14. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Shows the lack of equality between the sexes still, if it had been one of the Girls She could have made a fortune selling them on ebay :dwarf:
  15. Just got out of Raleigh 6 weeks ago, you will need more than 4 pairs of knicks, 3 to be kept in you locker for "display purposes" never to be used, but always folded and ironed, and however many you will think you need, i took 9 pairs and that seemed to do the job for me, but you could probably get away with 6.

    The main hint I oculd give, is make sure you are fit before you join, you will find it much easier to pass all your fitness tests first time otherwise its remedial training. A major inconvenience to all other parts of your training.

    Good luck with phase 1 and have fun.

  16. And you must have been one of the 1% who can spell Raleigh :thumright:

  17. I'd reccomend 8 nicks as you can leave 3 in locker all times and you can take a few to Peir cellars / dartmoor and still have right ammount for locker at Raleigh.
    Hangers....you'll need 2 more when you get 3's, one at night for pully and one for your 4's for the next day.

    Buy iron on labels and white markers for your socks or try and get one from your oppo....emphasis on try...

    Take lint rollers.

    I'm going into week 7 now and think it's awesome :)
  18. How much of that is incorrect.

    Press ups - WRONG. You get tested anyway you feel comfortable but you have to drop right down to 1-2" off the deck.

    Parade Gloss - WRONG. If used as a last layer, like brown polish, it will bring your shoes/boots up.

    CD player - WRONG. You have to earn your CD Player/Radio. You don't just get one.

    Boxers - WRONG. You need 5. 3 in your locker at all times, 1 in the wash and 1 pair on.

    Sort it out.. SHIT advice for anyone who listens to you.
  19. You seem kind of angry, chill o_O

    People will really appreciate tips for when they get to Raliegh, me included.
    Could you write some out?

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