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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by SirRunsAlot, Jul 25, 2009.

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  1. Hello all, new here :)

    I have recently passed my PJFT, and was told it would be probably December when I go to Raleigh, unless there was a drop out then maybe I could go on a sooner date.

    Are drop outs common?

    Also, how long does it usually take before you are contacted with a date for basic, once you have passed the PJFT?

    Any help would be great!

    Thanks, Rick.

    P.S. Joining as an AET if that's any more help on the situation..
  2. Personally, I did the PJFT on the Tuesday, popped into the careers office on the way back past for a chat, got my date in the post the Wednesday.
    PJFT was on June 2nd, entry date Oct 25th.
    (AET too)
  3. Thanks for the reply, so you would recommend that I go to my AFCO and ask them face to face rather than on the phone? Just don't want to be forgotten ha ha.

    I was told in my interview if I passed the PJFT I would have a place for November, but on the phone after my PJFT I was told November was full and it would be December or January unless a dropout happened =/
  4. I'm in a similar position i did my pjft in mid june, and was told that January was the most likely time, so im going to imagine thats when im going unless, like you said i get shifted forwards.

    Also from what i've gatherd from other people you get your start date a term before so you can most likely expect a letter in September time. I stand to be corrected!
  5. I suppose I'm just a bit impatient, can't wait to get there to be honest.
  6. Off the back of this.

    If you've been given a date, will they continually check for earlier spots should they become available, or once you accept the start date is that it job done - no chance of getting in any earlier?!
  7. Fellow Manc!

    Are you going for AET also? What is the date they gave you already?
  8. Either this is a bite or you're the thickest fcuker EVER.
  9. No bite there, either you didn't read the thread, or you are dick. Both I think.
  10. oh I read the thread, however if you look at Guy's signature you'll see he intends to join as an ET(WE)(SM).

    attention to detail cocknose, it'll matter when you're maintaining helicopters.
  11. If you're paying that much attention to detail, you should know that sentences start with capital letters.
  12. Good effort, a pedant as well as being a retard. I look forward to seeing you in the Fleet.
  13. As the sig says, i'm going in as ET(WESM) so no not AET, lol.

    I've got start date of 3rd Jan.

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