"A Correctly Dressed Rating" - 1957


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Bet theres a few digging about the back of the wardrobe thinking its friday fancy dress. That is until they try to put on that yellow whitefront and realise they've put on a couple of stone.


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And their tats look like birthmarks.
I'm still fighting fit at 11st.6lbs.essence skin, and my Pinky tats look like they were done yesterday and;-no they are not still bleeding. My old white front fell into pieces during it's last wash. I think I'm going to cry.


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Very smart looking. Interesting though that they had to resort to a drawing and not a photograph. Could they not find any Jolly Jacks who could dress properly? :grin:


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Those of us who actually served are very familiar with that image, and similar ones. As Danny said, it has been reproduced for many years since it first appeared at many locations throughout the Fleet, to varying effect.

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