A computer virus.


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Have just recieved a warning from Australia regarding a new Virus attack that is imminent. It appears as an E mail headed 'osama Bin Laden hanged' or some thing like that. It has an attachment and if you open the attachment a symbol like the olympic flame appears are wipes your hard drive or something. I'm not that sure of the technical stuff. Anyone else heard this?
As if there were not enough out there anyways. The free virus/trojan removal kit at this link Stinger
is currently set to search for around 45 threats plus theiri varients, a total of about 500+. Worth using if your PC suddenly starts to run slow which may indicate that you have been hit.

I'm pretty confident that this is just one of those hoax e-mails which tour the internet on a regular basis. Although they start as a hoax, people send them on to each other in good faith - my Mum gets loads of these, usually from her Australian friends, oddly enough.

The fact that it is listed on Snopes is generally a good indicator that you can just ditch it as nothing more than a bit of spam.
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