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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Stillabunting, Apr 9, 2007.

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  1. Just watched it on the news. This is a major suckback for the MoD but the right decision. However, if they hadn't been given permission in the first place then none of the controversy would have arisen.
  2. So now it's "can't make yer mind up time" is it - you couldn't make it up! Nice to see that the Senior Rodneys are, as usual totally indecisive! what was Hitler (or was it Napoleon - one of those) said "Lions led by donkeys" too bloody true!!!!
  3. Only because the shit has hit the fan due to their incompetence in dealing with the situation.
  4. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    It's laughable isn't it? The only good bit is that now the general public know what all three services have to contend with whilst trying to do a job.
  5. Saw the News on ITV and part of the Sailors interview with Trevor Macdonald, which is shown to-night at 2000hrs, also saw the interview with the mother of the Army Nurse that was killed in Iraq, the first interview brought anger to my heart and the second brought tears, and now we have them clamping down on service personell who wish to tell their story, as if they ever could. All those ministers in the MOD must resign NOW, but we know that they won`t, there is no honour amongst thieves.
  6. If only. I'll bet the general public does not distinguish between the MoD and the 3 services.
  7. The blame lies at Des Browns door for trying to spin the story at the behest of his master, but ultimately the biggest kicking should be reserved for 1SL… He should have had the ball's to say '**** off Des and ruin some elses department', but no, he fell on his knees before Des and complied like a NuLabour Pet Poodle.

    Band has shown himself to fond of towing the political party line for my liking.
  8. Yet again we have the Senior Officers showing they are without balls and will allow political pricks to dictate the outcome and once again get it wrong.

    As for the absolute disgrace (Faye Turney on Trevor McDonald) I for one am glad I am not still serving. The services over the last decade have been turned into a Politically Correct **** up.
  9. 3 years to do, roll on! I am ashamed to say I am in the RN for the first time! What have we become? I would go now, but a pension would be good compensation for putting up with this weak willed, pinko Navy. I hope to be FT's DO though in my remaining 3 years!
  10. there is no honour amongst thieves.
    Nor,would it seem,amongst the current lot of JO and ratings.All out to make a quick buck,it worries me that in twenty years the likes of the two commisioned prats will be running the Navy.These two totally failed to impress and upheld all the Rupert sterotypes.
  11. Get your facts right, the two Officer's have refused personal financial payment. Any money they get is straight to Charity, I think Lt Carmen is refusing to take any, describing it as "Unsavoury."

    What would you rather they did?

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