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A catch 22 Application for a discharge book and seamen's card

Here is a catch 22 question, been asked to send my CV in for a anti piracy job,some-one is bidding on a contract and needs to be able to show personnel on books, and i've been asked to provide a discharge book and a seamen's card,i have all the forms in front of me,

But to process the application, i need a (1)name of a vessel,(2) port of registration (3) country of registration (4)registered number. (5) name held (6) position (7) ship seal

The catch is the bidding contract firm, has no ships it can use as they are sub contractors, so no details, and seaman's book application cant be processed without a ships details,

any ideas, or feed back how to obtain the book and card

have even been down the seaman's mission in liverpool but no joy


You can get the Discharge Book & Card from the MCA. The Office in Liverpool should be able to make one up in a day for you. Alternatively by post from the RSS in Cardiff, think they cost about £50.
Just blag the ship bit, when I used to send these form to the RFA candidates I just used to put Various RFA Merchant Ships and then stamp/sign the form as authority from the Employer. Perhaps if you print off the paperwork and just simply put (see attached form) then they may be ok with that. I'd suggest doing it in person, so you can explain face to face.
the funny thing is i'm 2 miles away from the office and living in liverpool, its thats ship info bit ,that i'm struggling with basically,i cant see how i can stamp\sign a form as authority????


Lantern Swinger
As Junior said, They should accept it with "various ships" as the name of the vessel, and someone from the contracting company signing for you as a prospective employee. If you're that close to the office, then you can take it in and explain if they have any problem with it.


I have my application form sitting in front of me atm. The RFA have filled in the part you mentioned with "Various RFA's" and the like with a big RFA stamp to go with it.

Something you should also know!
Its £40 per book, if you send it by post.
£90 per book, if you go to the office!
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