A case of mistaken identity


War Hero
You'd have thought that someone would have a shufty through some binoculars before hitting the panic button.


I once piped Helo Ditch as I watched a Chinnock (CH-47) carry out a water landing somewhere on the South Coast....
Having just signed off a controller for revalidation on a T23 after three days of DLTs, I had nipped down the golly shack for a dit (I know, not the best place on board for dits), I fully soiled my 8's when no sooner had I put my foot on the bottom of the ladder to leave the ops room I heard "All positions AC, aircraft ditch, aircraft ditch, aircraft ditch." It hadn't, it had just disappeared in the ground wave and was still on HF off the arse end.

I unvalidated him promptly.
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