A Canuck's view on our Submarine Service

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by Niner_Domestic, Jun 3, 2008.

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  1. Thought you guys would enjoy this article, a few pics/sub porn of the old Upholders you may remember serving on.

    Disspells some myths on whether the new-to-us program is considered a waste of time. Also gives a little bit of the RCN Submarine history for the buffs out there.

  2. Read some of your article.
    Amazed at the comment...............four Royal Naval Upholdr class diesel electric submarines surplus to requirement...............what???
    It was a very sad a pointless way of the UK governments idea of trying to cut costs. And the novel lease lend with a view to purchase again another government idea to fool the populas this time it was the DoD trying to fool the Canadian public.
    By the way is Lt Cdr Ric Rankin still around?
  3. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Not in the RCN, but I know where he is! PM me for further details.

  4. Interesting. I note the the submarine sceptics were using much the same arguments they used in Australia to stop acquisition of an Oberon replacement. Fortunately for us and the Canadians they did not get their way.
    What is the manpower situation like in Canada? The article did not say much about it.
  5. Just too bad it will have taken 6yrs for HMCS Chicoutimi to do a sea patrol, from leaving the UK in 2004 (Fire onboard incident) to coming out of extended refit in 2010.

    These boats were leased starting in 1998, here it is 2008, at best 1 boat is available for training purposes and doing surveillance patrols at the same time, it's a huuuuge coastline.

    Manpower is at critical levels and the new buzzword in Ottawa is "ice breaking" capabilities for which the Victoria class is not suited.

    Will be cheaper in the long run to acquire the German Class boats, and if the politicians can see where to save money, then tis will be looked at...
  6. If its submarines you're after I know where there are 3 Collins Class just gathering rust for lack of ships company to man them :dwarf:
  7. lol..someone will be along shortly I'm sure... :hockey:
  8. It seems a real shame to me that there are striking similarities to be made here with the UK Royal Navy. Lack of manpower being only one. Its a real shame that Canada sees fit to leave what are perfectly good boats layed up, only using one for costal duties with a bit of training thrown in.
    However it also seemed mad that the UK government saw fit to give away perfectly good, brand new submarines in the first place. :clown:

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