A Buzz In My Right Arm During Run

For the second time now I've had a buzz in my right arm whilst running. The first time was Monday last week. I woke up at 6, had a couple of coffees (with sugar) and my breakfast, and was in the gym by 9 to do my 2.4km run at 13.5kmph which I completed. During the end of the run however, I felt a buzz in my right arm which must have lasted for about a minute but I just ignored it and put it down to a poor breakfast. Too much caffeine and sugar!

So today I went and did my 2.4km again this time at 14kmph. I completed it but again felt a buzz in my right arm. It wasn't as strong as last time and only lasted about 15secs, but my uncle who I was jogging with said it was a bad sign. He's advised me to take half an anadin tablet a day and to also see my doctor.

I'm just wondering what people think of this buzzing in the right arm and the advice given by my uncle. As you can see, I've completed my runs, and I'm doing so 3 times a week. I'm also playing plenty of footy. Point being, I'm doing lots of running and feeling fit. It's only happened twice so it didn't hit me as something to be particularly concerned about.

Has anyone here had this same problem?
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