A Boats

As for A boats------------------there were
AMBUSH ,AENEUS , ANDREW and AMPHION when I was out in the FF
on the 7th Sm 68-70 May have been others cos they were coming from
Oz when the Aussies got their own Submarines.

I think the boats with guns were Andrew and Amphion.

A couple of the 'O' or 'P' boats had oerlikon mounts fitted but never saw them with the gun in place .

Happy days
janner said:
I thought that the Aussie based boats were T boats at that time, with Halifax having the A's

I think the last 'T' boat in the Oz circuit was Trump and she came home early 1968 .
Tabard was home in March '68 aswell-- she was the Dolphin 'showboat'
before they scrapped her and Alliance took over.
Andrew was in the Fez for about 10 years and she also did the movie part in 'On the Beach' as a USN boat!
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