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hi my son currently completing training on an A boat. Hopefully to get his dolphins after 4 weeks! Does it take them long to get a job on one of the boats when qualified? Reading some posts are they at sea for 3 month spells or how does it work in the astute class subs
Many thanks in advance - love this site! Recommended it to a few more mums!
Astutes will go away for as long as necessary, boats stayed dived for 3 months at a time but can be away longer. You can be away for 6 weeks or 6 months, even longer. I've been away for 2 weeks and also 6 months.

The time away isn't as regular as bombers.

Depends where in the world it is and what it's doing whilst there.


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Wrecker he away completing wet phase st the moment. Just for a short spell though. So if the boats away for 6 months do you live on it for 6 months?
No, when we come into a foreign port we live in hotels.

The last 6 month deployment I did, we stopped over at Diego Garcia, Bahrain, Mombasa, Crete and somewhere else I can't remember. The one watch flew home from each place and the 5th watch replaced them until the next port when the next watch flew home, those who had flown home from the previous port flew back out and the cycle continued.

Unless you were black watch (like me :( ) and do the whole 6 months.
Are writers black watched? Sumo said something about that, I am going for writer subs will I be on for the whole stint? is that a bit of a bitch?
Yes they are, those patrol reports don't type themselves. On the bright side you get to go on every jolly, your security clearance is higher than GS writers as well.
How about talking to your son rather than questioning strangers on the internet, he may even tell you about Gib as well. You may well keep yourself from asking classified questions, if you really are that needy try rear party.


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Very sorry RabC, I have tried that obvious one! And I wouldn't ask strangers, had I got any answers. But thanks to the people who have took the time to reply xxxx
And apologies to all involved.
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