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Discussion in 'Submariners' started by janner, Sep 16, 2009.

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  1. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

  2. Went onboard the Andrew when it came into Harwich in 1973. All of us Ganges boys were taken out and shown around, she was the last boat to carry a deck gun. LSA on my first boat was one of the gun crew and was forever showing us the phots of him firing it!!!
  3. Although I wasn't in boats in Singapore I found the clip quite nosalgic. I was later on an A boat in 68 to 71 in Guzz and we tied up alongside the Andrew quite often. I can't remember the squadron number but it was made up of A boats that had come back from Singapore, for or five in number. It was a good draft; Plymouth was a nice place in thoes days.
  4. Spent a day in the Indian Ocean onboard the Anchorite. We rendezvous with her and swopped a few crew sort of "You send over your great unwashed and we'll send you anyone green enough to go.
    Fantastic day on her. Went to 100ft, or should that be sank to 100ft, and everything was creaking. Since that day I have had nothing but the greatest respect for submariners.
  5. Not quite the last, most of the Ps could carry a 20mm gun on the casing. The As were the last with 4" guns and equipped to do a proper surface gun action
  6. Baz - I know you were just out of short trousers when you came down in 73, but it was so long ago I hope you are not still pushing boats around! I've still got the phots, but no-one to show them to these days.
    A boats thru to V boats - downhill all the way!!
  7. Been a strawberry for 2 years now Bill. The big man did ask if I would do another 5 to take me up to 55th birthday but I respectfully declined (and I was never a bomber queen...result, sunshine squadron all the way).
  8. Maxi-77 is quite correct. I took Cachalot (P06) out to Singers from Dolphin in the late 60's, and we had a 20mm Oerlikon mounted on the forecasing. I remember it well, 'cos I walked into the bloody thing and nearly took my eye out!

    I can never find any footage of P&O boats on youtube (or elsewhere for that matter) - anyone know of any?
  9. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Skyvet, we may have been in Cachalot at the same time, I joined her as the LRO in Singers, the two LRO's before me having been disrated for incompetence by the Skipper.

    Only did June, July and August '68 and was then drafted to Amphion to bring her home.

    I have a few P and O pics of the Dorset site, but haven't had much success in getting more despite many requests.
  10. Is that baz bowyer?...
  11. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Its a bit early for April fool, so that leads me to conclude the circus must be in town. :wink:
  12. That's a negative
  13. Ok, just wondered as Mick wanted to know.
  14. Init about time 'Mick' bought a compooooter init?

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