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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by nomnomnom, Aug 1, 2009.

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  1. Hi, i've rencently started the application process to join the RN as an Officer, i've got my Recruitment Test in 2 weeks time, but im really having second thoughts about it all. I don't really believe that i have the qualities that they're after, i just went straight for officer as i thought "i have a degree, might as well go for officer", but the more i think about it the more i realise that i don't have it in me.

    I'm now thinking of joining as a Rating instead, in particular, Comms Tech, my question is; should i tell the guys at the AFCO asap and remove my application for Officer entry or just do my best in the RT and then discuss my options afterwards? Would i still be able to join as a Rating at this point or do i have to go through the whole filling in of forms process again...

    Many Thanks
  2. Sombody will be along shortly to answer your question,but i am very very happy that i wont be serving under you when you dont have the confidence that is needed to become a succesfull occifer, 8)
  3. Anyone thinking like that, you are correct, means it is unlikely you have the confidence to lead, although you may be surprised at yourself.

    Ratings do the same test, I should imagine it wouldn't be too hard to change across? I know of a few officer candidates who failed AIB and then went rating?
  4. That's correct, my confidence & leadership skills may improve through serving as a Rating, then i could always go down the Officer route later on. Right now though, this is a definate no for me.

    I'm not that far along the application process yet, i have my RT on the 13th August..... would it be best to go to the AFCO now and express my change of interest?

  5. I'd say yes. SuperMario or NinjaStoker may say differently, but the sooner you let them know the better.
  6. Just to play devil's advocate here, how do you know you don't have the qualities? Just because you are honest enough to show a bit of self doubt on an internet forum doesn't mean you lack the confidence to be an Officer either. There is, of course, always that possibility. Ask yourself what you want to do, not what you think you may or may not have the qualities to do. The people involved in the selection process will be the judges of your POTENTIAL, you don't have to judge yourself, or allow others on here who don't know you to do it either.

    Just a thought from someone who has seen a more than a few young officers develop self confidence and ability from self doubt, and also a few over confident young men and women fall flat on their faces.
  7. What is your degree in?
    My mother-in-law has a BA in Misery! :wink:
  8. I was originally supposed to be going for officer, the guy I spoke to in the AFCO was really keen to get me in as an officer but I didn't really want to - I don't have the qualities, and I know my eyesight will never be anything above VA3 [if it even is VA3 - still waiting on that one]. Just before my RT, I spoke to the careers advisor, saying that I wanted to go in as a rating, and he said "yeah, fine" and ticked a box or whatever. I'm pretty sure it's nothing major if you want to change, just go and ask.
  9. You are probably in the same situation as many other potential occifers. The difference is that you have had the courage to admit that you are worried about your leadership potential. DON'T BE.
    Leadership can be taught, the RN has been doing it for decades.
    If you pass the AIB then the board must think that you have potential.

    For fcks sake take no notice of Whizbang, he does not know WTF he is talking about, he has just posted about ironing boards (********). :twisted:

    Go for it.
  10. To Nikki92 and Nomnomnom, Dont sell yourself short!!!!! Go all out to join as an Officer, and forget about that bull***t your told about being able to change to Officer later on, might never happen :wink: You obviously have the qualifications and owe it to yourself and parents. Rant over :eek:
  11. Brilliant advice from one who knows the square root of fck all.
    When you have a few years as an occifer who has taken charge of those below him then you may state your case. Until then keep your trap shut. :twisted:
  12. I have a degree in Civil engineering,bet ya didnt know that , 8)

    ps,Ive built tunnels all over the world, :wink:
  13. You've never ever been civil :p
  14. I think i am the most rude ,uncivil,slob ,dont give a ferk civil engineer in Scandinavia, :lol:
  15. *ba dum dum*

    I'll get your Coat... :lol:
  16. Thanks for the input Slim, i've decided to leave everything as-is for the moment. Presuming i pass the RT, they should be able to spot whether i have the potential or not at the follow up interview, if so, then bring on the AIB :thumbright:
  17. I was wondering who delayed CoMet!

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