A big thankyou


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Don't post much on RR but have been lurking for months.

Well today I passed my RT & eye test and I have my medical and interview next tuesday so things are going very well.

Just wanted to say that this forum has been a great help. Want to thank all the posters of bone questions as that meant I didn't have to!


Lantern Swinger
Just got back from Fitness First and passed my PJFT :strong: Only waiting on my background check now, is there an average time for this?

Thanks in advance


Lantern Swinger
hammers said:
Did it in 10.31, started on speed 13 and did last bit on 14.5. A pass is a pass though!
yeah thats great, i wanted a pass but a late one, they will tell you to beat it at raleigh, i got 11:40, started it at 13.5 and near the end, put it down to walking pace, best so far is 10:13
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