A big thanks to the Royal Navy!!!


War Hero
To be honest, even after 32 years in the Navy, I don't know what an Army QR is (QA and QM, yes) and would not be inclined to base the "attitude" of the Army on one pissed-up encounter during a mess dinner. Likewise my knowledge of who can wear what rig is at best hazy with regard sea sprouts and lineage.

The rough rule of thumb is whatever happens in the mess, stays in the mess rather than bottled-up and posted in the public domain during the wee small hours several days later.

I stayed in Blockhouse last month and noticed there are a fair few pongo medics and to be honest they seemed reasonably tame enough. To be fair, even in the RN, all medical personnel are just a "little bit strange" and my understanding is that it's a tri-service branch requirement that all medical personnel have bizarre hobbies or wear socks with desert wellies or wear John Lennon spectacles, walk with a singularly odd-limp with each 'step' that ends in a little skip, talk with a incomprehensible broad accent usually with lisp or a stutter, have abnormally large teeth, unfeasibly big beards, a large sprinkling of paranoia (watch this space), etc. It's just the way of the world and one has to live with it.

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