A big thank you!

Yesterday the offline money I raised was handed into a Combat Stress treatment centre near Telford in Shropshire.

Unfortunately due to the needs of the service I wasn't able to do it in person, however I've been invited back when I next can.

Although I didn't have a minimum to raise for my place in the marathon, I raised the amount what people thought my efforts were worth.

Online I raised £548
Offline I raised £411

Total raised £959.

Like all military charities the money will go towards people we call oppo's (in some form or another.)

Once again thank you for all the support, advice and donations during the build up and the run it self.
Thank you Soleil for your kind words.

Labrum nothing set in stone yet. A few ideas, at the moment until I know exactly what I am doing (I'm stuck doing a refreshers at mo) and where I will be based, hoping to be GUZZ based for first time ever, I can't set myself a new goal/challenge. I need one though as I need to stay motivated. I do have a few challenges in mind so will see.

The injuries seemed to have fully recovered now, so I'm now trying to get back into the habit.

The challenge will have to be something as tough both mentally and physically as the marathon was so it gives more insentive for people to donate with their money during this bad economic times.

It does go to show though members of this site do give what they can to help out their fellow veterans and oppo's.

Edited to add: The Telford Centre are currently dealing with a lot of Falkland Veterans.

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