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Discussion in 'Charity' started by X.R.D, Apr 30, 2010.

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  1. I wish to thank Chats Harris and Finknottle for the donations they made to my charity today.

    I'm now at £450 and hope to smash the revised total of £500 for a worthy cause!!!
  2. I'll try and kick a few friends in the arse, see what I can rattle from them. ;)

    You're welcome though, anything for an oppo! :D
  3. Again. Much appreciated. 10K isn't far but I too have suffered from illnesses of late so this is a big deal for me.
  4. You'll kick the arse out of it XRD :D

    Either that or ill kick your arse :twisted:

    Good luck for when it comes though mate, you'll do fine!
  5. Crack on sunshine!! 8) :D
  6. Mind if i bring tuts along, just for good measure ? ;)

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