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A bad news week


War Hero
From The Times: (presumably they mean Surgeon Commander? - but presumably not for long. Cannot understand why it would be a suspended sentence)

"Lt-Commander Frederick Gerrell, 51, of the Royal Navy, downloaded 11,600 child porn images and blamed his teenage son when questioned. At Portsmouth Crown Court he admitted 23 counts of making or possessing indecent images of children. He was sentenced to nine months in prison, suspended"


War Hero
Only 9 months suspended and after blaming his son??? Must have friends somewhere - he should swing for that crime. I work in IT security and this is a nasty nasty nasty offense.
Sick bastard, this is so wrong, he should of got at least 15- 20 for that, people who are in a postion of trust, and abuse that should be locked up for good.


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Perhaps some of the venom and vitriol that Cornwall's 15 have received should be redirected towards this bastard, someone like this deserves it far more.


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AussieLitre: At the end of the day, those kids who have been abused are more than likely to end up fcked up in the head and cause themselves and others around them "issues".

No puns intended


Never happen in this country pinta. Personally I think certain Arab states have it right - remove the offending parts........


War Hero
Eh? GK? I'm sorry but when it comes to kids???? They have a square in middle of Riyadh called chop chop square! It's all wrong mate x


War Hero
I also feel sorry for his son, to be blamed for something like that......

The guy should be left to rot inside or put in with the general prison population, im sure they will 'look after him'
Unbelievable, I dunno whats worse, knowing your dads a sicko or that he tried to blame you? I really do wonder what planet the courts and the police are on. Should be placed in prison for the three badge back door smashers to deal with.


War Hero
Sadly a very appropriate header for this thread. The RN has been taking a bit of a pasting in recent weeks.

Can't believe he tried to blame his son though.

as a mum to a LO, this guy needs serious help, HOWEVER, my biggest problem with the law is, a guy sleeps with a ( or down loads pictures of) a 15 years and 360 day old "child" in the case of download she had her baps out no more) why should he be judged the same as a sick **** who down loads pictures/ sleeps with a 3 year old

law needs to be clarified IMO
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