A B1 B2 Licences? Which one for me?

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by bitter_and_twisted, Feb 14, 2008.

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  1. I am looking to leave the RN in the next few years to work in civvy aviation, after about 5 years service.

    I want to study toward a EASA aircraft licence, possibly the B2 Avionics. Is it worth the effort and expense or should I go for an A licence (which still requires some hard study) as this more reflects my current role in the FAA? I just don't know how employable a non-type rated B licened engineer is..
  2. If your intending to work in civilian aviation then YES its definately worth it. Forget an A licence companies need B2 and B1.3 licence engineers however you will not get your licence without working on civilian aircraft.

    You can get employment as a non licence fitter however the salary reflects this as an idea I left in 2001 as a poaem without a licence my annual salary was around 17k plus overtime, once I got licenced and a couple of type ratings it was upto around 28k plus overtime im hitting around 60k (tax free). UK salary varies from mid 30's upto 45K dependent on where and who you are working for.

    Alot of companies will help you get your B2 or 1.3 there are plenty of pros and cons of being a permie or a connie all depends what you want.

    Someone mentioned pprune thats more pilot based have a look on www.airmech.co.uk a forum and also www.aviationjobsearch.com that will give you an idea of jobs and salaries.


    Edit: Just noticed the date of original post so this might be all bollocks now, however it may help someone else
  3. PM me and I will give some info.


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