A/B F Cheadle - Casualty from WWII

Does anyone out there have information on A/B F Cheadle, he is named on my local War Memorial in Meriden, West Midlands as a casualty from the Second World War but I cannot trace him on the CWGC website.


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The problem with local war memorials is the fact that the local community funded them. The people of the local community submitted details of their lost loved ones in the hope that their names would be added to the memorial. The locals themselves again made the decision of name inclusion. This may well explains why A/B F. Cheadle is listed on the local war memorial, yet he does not appear in the CWGC listings.

This example will explain:-
I have a similar case regarding a WWI soldier. He contracted a disease whilst serving in Mesopotamia in 1916. He returned to the UK and spent several months in hospital, and on returning to his family home still very ill he was discharged from the army as medically unfit for further service. Two weeks after his discharge date he died and was buried in an unmarked grave in the local churchyard. He does not appear in the CWGC listings because he was not serving with the Kings colours at the time of his death, however, he is listed on the local war memorial. In my opinion he was a casualty of war having contracted a fatal disease whilst serving, and I have recently taken this issue up with the CWGC in the hope that they will see fit to adopt his grave and place a headstone on it.

However, regards your A/B F Cheadle, the Veterans Advice Unit might be able to help you locate his service record, if they do not have it, then you might try the RN Service Records, Whale Island. Both are listed on the link provided.

http://www.royalmarinesmuseum.co.uk/museumresearch/PDFs/Research Contacts & Website Links.pdf

I wish you good luck with your search.

I note from looking at a photograph of the Memorial in question that two of the names listed are those of RN personnel sadly KIA - L/Stoker G R Brett and A/B F Cheadle.

L/Stoker G R Brett was one of the casualties on board HMS Glorious when she was sunk, along with HMS Acasta and HMS Ardent, on 8th June 1940 by the Gneisenau and the Scharnhorst.

One wonders if, by chance, A/B Cheadle was also a casualty of this battle?


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I've done some online searching today, but I've had no luck in finding AB Cheadle.

jpee states that AB F.Cheadle is listed on his local war memorial at Meriden, West Midlands, therefore I presume that AB Cheadle was a local man to that area. I am wondering whether jplee has searched through the local newspaper archives to see if an obituary of AB Cheadle was printed? The obituary would answer many questions.



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Ooh, 8O Thanks for that soleil.

I think the way forward with this one is to find living relatives of A/B Cheadle, and I shall carry out a search for those. I will also contact Terry Denham at the CWGC to see if he can help, as he has full access to all the CWGC records, although I feel I know what Terry will advise... "Obtain the death certificate as it will provide full details, date of death, cause of death, location of death, whether in HMS forces or not, next of kin."

I've been trying for the last few years to find a family member of Cheadle and believe it or not, today, received the latest edition of the Meriden Mag (the local Parish magazine) and finally have found a reference to the name Cheadle. Fingers well and truly crossed that it could be a family connection!

Don't think that he went down with HMS Glorious as we've made contact with Leading Stoker Brett's daughter.
That's interesting news.

I've been going through all the British death indices for the years of the Second World War this evening and I'm finding it very difficult to find a F Cheadle listed at all.

I have now done the years 1939-1946 completely and only have four males with this name above the age of 5 - one death registered in Hereford, one in Barton. Gentlemen aged 55 and 61 respectively - and two older gentlemen.

Cheadle seems to be a rare name in the Midlands area - I can see much more for that surname in the North of England.

As far as I can see, there is no death registered during the years of the Second World War for a gentleman of an appropriate age with the name F Cheadle.
Apologies for delay on update, unfortunately the Cheadle I recently discovered in Meriden is apparently not related. Furthermore, thanks to soleil it would appear that the RN has no record of an A/B F Cheadle as being a serving member of the RN during the Second World War.

I'm now trying to find any records relating to the memorial within the local archives but as yet nothing that gives any clues.
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