9th June 2008

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by ProudNavyWife(tooBe), Feb 10, 2008.

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  1. That is when I am going to walk into the AFCO and apply still have no idea what branch thou, so unsure really need to be in faslane, feel like doing something different like ET, do you get ETs on mine sweepers. aiming to get my BMI down to 35 by then and also doing a 5km run for cancer research (feel free to sponser me! LOL) on 8th June hoping to get it under 45mins.

    Bit of a useless post but it helps me to have a target date!

    Also be very helpfull to chat to anyone who has served with a married partner for some advice.

  2. If your BMI is over 30, you need to make some immediate changes to your lifestyle in
    order to lose weight. NHS Direct can provide you with advice about how to lose weight safely, but you
    should also make an appointment to see your GP.

    If your BMI is between 30 and 39.9, you're obese
  3. And if it's over 39.9?
  4. Thanks for that, i have made the changes, healthy eating and excersize, LOL over 30 myBMI was over 50 - its gonna be along jonery but worth it
  5. Low GI, works wonders...
  6. Woo good luck!

    Im also hoping to do the 5km run for cancer research!
  7. You may be eating healthy but you are still eating too much.
  8. I am not eating to much at all - infact been told I have cut food down too much by a friend who is a health vistor - and just how do you know what I am eating. I think losing a stone in 3 weeks shows I am not eating too much and excersizing well.

    Used to eat too much - dont anymore
  9. Not a dietician, nor a PTI / PMO but I think 1 stone in 3 weeks is a bit extreme..........
    in all honesty give yourself a year to get yourself into shape- you dont have to be a racing pigeon to be in the RN, but there is NO POINT in crash dieting to pass the fitness test--- once you are at Raliegh you have to eat 3 meals a day.............

    eat steadily, exercise sensibly to your limit...........
  10. You will need to be very careful when excersising.At that BMI you are in imminent danger of Cardiovascular problems.I urge you to have a check up at your Doctors.
  11. Well done girl, I think you are doing great. A stone in 3 weeks may sound extreme but when you have a lot to lose it does come off quicker to begin with.

    It might be worth your while having a chat to a health professional. They can give you an idea of how many calories you should take in for healthy weight loss. If you don't eat enough, your body will think it's starving and when you start eating normally the weight tends to go back on very quickly.

    I agree with BH, don't rush this. I'm not overweight, but my fitness has always been crap and I still hate running even though my fitness has been improving heaps. Fortunately I have a 12 month wait with my branch so plenty of time to improve. Stick to walking until you get your weight down and keep up the good work! :thumright:
  12. i agree with doc you should not lose that much wieght

    Fitness is a life skill a habit,you do it because you want to,because you enjoy the benefits,if you think fitness can be achieved by short term fixess forget it , Life style change needed put away the biscuits and the sugar and salt,just eat sensibly when you are fat theres no going back
  13. I weigh in at 13.5stone , giving me a BMI of 30....
    when I first went in to the AFCO at the end of last April I weighed 16 stone, having just lose a stone through taking up rugby. However, the way I understand it is, you can't pass your medical if you are over the top end of your BMI parameters (between around 10 and 11 stone for me).
    The AFCO have been phoning me every few months since April to see how I've been getting on but agree it's not worth me applying until I'm much much closer to the weight I need to be at.
    As I still need to lose another 2 stone minimum, I have had to come to terms with the fact that the human body will not allow you to lose 5 stone in under a year (unless you start off much larger) in a healthy way.
    Of course I have toyed with the ideas of the "lose weight quick" internet fads, but at the end of th day, I'd rather wait slightly longer to get the career of my life and be healthy, than float in at the right weight but completely undernourished and very weak!
    I suppose my point is... I get it that you want to join asap, but regardless of how much weight you have already lost, theres no point in putting yourself up for a massive knock back by the doc by going in overweight
  14. PNWTB- it is not a case of not eating much and then watch the weight fall off- you need to consult your GP, and possibly a dietician. They can advise on a diet plan which suits your metabolism, and lifestyle- which should be considered also- if you are in an office based environment with not much day to day physical activity, then cutting down food may not impact much, but if you have a more active job, the could prove dangerous as you will not have energy to carry yourself through the day.

    I am over 30 (OH GOD!!!)- with 2 kids, and 3 dogs- now although my job is primarily office based, I do have an energetic "out of hours" life with said kids and dogs- I eat (kind of) sensibly, enjoy a drink or two- but still weigh in at 9 stone- not thru dieting but though my lifestyle.

    To loose a stone in 3 weeks,, whilst admirable, is concerning in that it is a proven fact that rapid weight loss, is rarely permanent. Also if you reduce weight slowly, with GP advice, the toll on your body will be less, whereas rapid weight loss can leave you "saggy"- and untoned.

    Not knocking you- just urging you to attack this sensibly, and do it in a controlled way- and ultimately- achieve your goal for the long term.

    good luck xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  15. Hi - Thanks for the advice, I am doing slimming world (many GPs recommend it) I think I am now eating well

    A sample day is 2 weetabix and skimmed milk to breakfast

    Mid morning a fat free yog

    Dinner is a salad mostly with fish (sardines/mackrel/tuna)

    Tea is baked potato with beans

    The biggest change is drinking loads of water and eating breakfast.

    A stone in 3 weeks is good but its only so much as I weigh so much, once I have lost a few stone I know its going to slow right down.

    I am big but not doing excersize thats is causing problems, I can cycle for say 20+ miles and be fine, for my size I am fit. My gym workout is mainly

    40mins on cross trainer just maintaining a steady pace cover about 3km
    3 cycles (10X4) on weights for upper body
    7.5KM on bike try to get it under 20mins
    3 cycles of weights for the lower body
    1KM row in under 5mins
    streches to warm down
    Doing all this my heart rate has never gone above 140 and returns to resting in under 3 mins

    Every 4 weeks I do the 2.4kM run to measure my improvement, when lighter I shall add this to the workout

    I am also walking into town more rather then use the car and things like that, mostly carrying my 1 year old daughter.

    June is my goal to start the ball rolling as my hubs had to wait 4 months until he got to the medical stage. so that really gives me to Oct he then did his PJFT 1 month later.

    To be quiet honest I think even when I am say a fit and healthy size 14/16 I will be over the BMI as when I was a size 20 I was 2.5 stone more then my friend of the same size and she is 3 inces taller then me. I carry alot of muscle, although not kidding myself there alot of fat there too.

    My goal weight is 13stone which puts me at 28.5 BMI I think its cos I did so much sport, football, rugby, hockey, cycling shame I stopped it really.

    oh my hubs had a BMI of 29.8 and he passed his medical, I dont like the BMI I am 4 sizes smaller and just under 5 stone heaver then another friend of the same height?

    Thanks for advice
  16. You realy are doing well!
    Im sposed to be a fit 16year old girl and I cant manage all that in the gym haha.

    Keep up the good work, you are bound to lose loads at the start, then it just seems to start getting stuck! Haha, the water helps lots to... when i get hungry I tend to down a pint of water :D
  17. LOL better then a pint of bear - most of my weight I think come from too many pints of cider, I dont drink now.

    How is your application coming along? you got a date or anything?
  18. Nah dont have a date as I still havent took my pjft.
    Something to do with gym contracts changing is making it hard for me to even book it! lol
  19. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    ...a pint of bear's what? Whatever it is you're drinking it seems to work! 8O :wink:
  20. Hello .

    well i was going to PM you and talk of things in private.. but desided that since you have been VERY brave and open about your self. that i could try to be a bit brave too.. ( never know though i still may not press submit !!)

    Well here goes... You and i seem to be of simular sizes although my BMI is 40 ( yes i said it 40 , i never pretended i was slim !) I feel that you will do well on this as you are so focused ( wish i had that ) I too am fit for my size... (well you have to be its not easy carrying this body about!!)

    There will always be those in life that have NEVER had to deal with being over wieght and they will never understand you or your need to push your self so hard. But your no good to your self, your husband or the navy if you do this too fast and make other problems that will take time to sort out.
    You MUST also remeber your skin... you must daily moisturise, your skin has gotten used to being big and will need the extra hlep to skrink back, the moisture will also help with strieght marks. ( nd im sure hubs will love helping you do this daily )
    There is more to lossing weight than just your body,,, you must also accept your new self.. as big people we tend to project a personality that is not always the real us... we hide behind a facade of laughter and hey look at me i make fun of myself ( before YOU can ) you will have to adjust mentaly to your new shape and your new mind set. That in its self can be a huge step.. you may not be ready to let go of that so easily.

    Also the way people see you will be VERY different too. you must also accept that. Some will find the new and happily slim you not so easy to be with, ( talking from experiance here) As your confidence grows YOU WILL change... that is the undeniable truth( and also it will be people you thought you knew) Poeple dont like change so dont be down hearted they will soon love the new you.

    Be stronge in your heart and mind that you do this for YOU and YOU alone and not to please others

    Im sorry if this has become a lecture ( was not my intent)... BUT im so much older than you and have learnt the hard way and have become so very jaded with life . I felt that you being so young you have time to""" stop and stare and enjoy your life.

    (wow holy crap,, said a lot there... i cant half nag LOL)

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